Phil Chung, CEO of Yashobhoomi Operating Company (KINEXIN Convention Management)


ES. Can you provide an overview of YASHOBHOOMI? What sets your Convention Centre apart from others in the industry?

Phil Chung. Yashobhoomi (formerly known as IICC, Dwarka, New Delhi, India) is not only the world-class large scale tradeshow venue that can stage the heaviest and largest tradeshows with our highest level of floor-loading capacity(5 tons/sqm) and the tallest ceiling height(15m-16m clear ceiling height for all exhibition halls), but also the world-class convention centre of Asia that has the nation’s largest auditorium(for over 6,000pax), grand-ballroom(for 3,000pax) and other dividable convention rooms in all 6 story building connected to the exhibition centre with the Yashobhoomi/IICC metro open/available at the foyer of our exhibition centre.

Our primary objective is to create, and operate this world-class venue in New Delhi, India and position Yashobhoomi venue as the leading tradeshow/convention centre of Asia by hosting numerous international shows and conventions every year.

ES. What are some recent successful events hosted at your Convention Centre, and what do you attribute their success to?

Phil Chung. Early in this year, we had successfully hosted one of the world’s largest and heaviest international tradeshow and convention which is PlastFocus 2024. It was alarming to see some industrial exhibits heights reached about 15m within our exhibition halls. Visitors and organizer mentioned that they felt as if they were in Germany where there are many large scale outstanding world class venues, many of which are partnering with our company over a long period of time.

At the end of last year, we had an impressive global food industry fair called SIAL and VINE Expo India that was co-organized by Comexposium of France as well as InterAd of India. With Comexposium and InterAd, we had discussed our long term partnership from years ago as global partners. The show was mesmerizing in that European Committee under EU sponsored the show in a large scale, global food industry buyers gathered together like a special festival and the show was held in a great full-of go atmosphere. I remember that I had by myself invited India’s expat community group members to the show, and they said the show was like that of France where some of them came from.

Even now we’re running a very successful India Health Expo organized by Informa Markets that is the World’s No. 1 tradeshow organizer in a great mood, it is very enjoyable and touching to see many international buyers are visiting Yashobhoomi that is nearest to the IGI airport in New Delhi. International visitors are mentioning that we have a great number of nearby deluxe hotels and various types of accommodations as our visitors can experience them in Aerocity(delue hotel complex) that is situated right next to IGI airport. It is surprising to all people that we already opened the express metro station connecting our exhibition hall foyer to IGI airport/Aerocity(just 2 stops away) and Dwarka sector 21(1 stop away) connecting to the rest areas of New Delhi and Gurgaon(where there are many regional HQs of global companies are located, they are also our tradeshow exhibitors and corporate event hosts)

For conferences, there are so many impressive ones taking place in here; SAMSUNG Electronics are hosting their Galaxy Unpack convention for the region’s top influencers and buyers, Rotary Clubs in India and from other countries are hosting numerous national/international conventions at Yashobhoomi venue. Global companies from USA, South Korea, Singapore, France, UK and other countries are following to organize and host their great conventions such as Amazon Convention(Buyers-Sellers Meet), Schneider Electrics Annual Convention, VIVO convention, Fintech Festival in India(by Constella Group of Singapore), LG electronics/group conventions, Hyundai car launching conference, Nothing Tech/Phone conference, etc. just to name a few.

In this coming November this year, we will host a Korea-India friendship expo commemorating two countries partnerships and friendship and boost up the level of industrial cooperation under the sponsorship/support from both governments. The show name is Ko-Index 2024 that will be collocated with India industry expo organized by CII, the nation’s largest K-POP contest organized by Korea Cultural Center under the Korean Embassy, and many other trade conferences from both countries. At the same time, Messe Frankfurt will stage their International LED show in the next hall, imagine how festive and dynamic the atmosphere of New Delhi/Yashobhoomi will be!

As a gentle reminder, Yashobhoomi is the venue that staged the P20 Summit (‘The 9th G20 Parliamentary Speakers’ Summit) very successfully back in Oct. last year following the official inauguration of the venue celebrated by the Excellency Prime Minister of India in Sep.17th, 2023 at Yashobhoomi venue(Dwarka Sector 25, New Delhi, India)

ES. In what ways do you prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility in the operations of the Convention Centre?

Phil Chung. Sustainability is an important key word of this era. Many of international tradeshow organizers are publicly traded in stock markets and even the global stock market environment requires it as an important index to achieve. We are in discussion with numerous global tradeshow organizers on how to implement it in all aspects. Notably, our Yashobhoomi(IICC) venue is a very well designed sustainable venue(certified) to serve such sustainable initiatives of all kinds including but not limited to using GRC materials to all venue constructions saving 50% of concrete, which is naturally cooling down inside of the venue. Solar panels, rain water harvesting systems installed in all areas, automatic garbage collecting systems that enables to separate solid waste from wet waste and even to help create fertilizers through our built-in garbage collecting systems for local farmers out of our food waste and more.

Not only these but also our several notable marketing policies are helping organizers are saving costs as we recommend organizers to use their nature friendly booth and event construction materials of all kinds by utilizing recyclable materials, and we allow organizers on consent to not use the pytex(show flooring material) if they could run the show without such carpets or pytex materials to serve the sustainable needs better. We are trying to add incentives/discounts to such organizers in pursuit of such sustainable achievements to protect our environment and more.

ES. How do you measure the success of events held at your Convention Centre?

Phil Chung. The way how to measure the success of events held in here is mainly based on our on-site interviews with major visitors/buyers, show result data from organizers, and close interaction with organizers. We are watching and monitoring closely if the events are getting bigger and more successful after coming to Yashobhoomi venue, and fortunately, most of the ones held in here are showing very good results with feedbacks, and our clients from in and out of India are very much interested in increasing the No. of their business events year by year.