Dharampal Singh Malhotra, ED, Namdhari Events


ES. Can you share some examples of memorable corporate events that Namdhari Events has organized?

Dharampal Singh Malhotra. In one of the Shows with an International Client, we had ordered New Technology Product, although it was tested and okayed by the supplier, during the set up, while Testing with the Client, the entire system conked off, we immediately arranged a Back up, even that went off. Unable to understand the Situation the Client got Panicked. We assured him not to worry & relax, as everything shall be taken care off before the show starts next Day. As committed we delivered and the Client was wondering as the Equipment they had ordered is a Limited Edition in our Country as was Specifically ordered as per their Details. During the Valedictory they not only Appreciated us, as well Mentioned about the Crisis & How we Handled it Smoothly.

ES. What makes Namdhari Events’ German tents and artificial canopies stand out in the market?

Dharampal Singh Malhotra. We’ve done few modification at times, like elevating the Height to adjust the Stage & making the Tent inclined (Did this in NEPAL), another case we made an OVAL tent, as normally there are Box or Round Tents, as per the Venue & Need, we plan the changes and advice what best solutions keeping in mind the Engineering, Architecture & Stability to get the BEST out of it.

ES. How does Namdhari Events ensure that customized exhibition booths reflect the client’s brand language?

Dharampal Singh Malhotra. We understand the Clients need as per the Show & the Target Approach, although the VISION & MISSION is a mandate, the Geographical Zone they’re participating & off course the Budget they allocate, based on that we plan the same.

ES. How does Namdhari Events measure the success and impact of the events they organize for clients?

Dharampal Singh Malhotra. TESTIMONIALS is the best way to measure, when your name is taken on Stage & Felicitated in front of a Huge Gathering, you’re on CLOUD 9, yet humble. A lot of our Clients mentions our LOGO in the Event Brochure and Media Platforms, at times the Delegates / Participants as well know they’re in Safe Hands.

ES. What role does sustainability plays in Namdhari Events’ approach to event management?

Dharampal Singh Malhotra. Although its a slow process as we would say, as its only possible when both the Client & Service Provider are in same bandwidth, to be sustainable in the current scenario, the client has to shall out atleast 15-20% more than the planned budget, which shall take time for all to follow. Last month we’ve done an entire event/exhibition keeping SUSTAINABILITY in mind, it was well appreciated by the CLIENT / EXHIBITORS / DELEGATES / SUPPORTERS / VISITORS / VENUE and our TEAM as well

ES. Can you share some upcoming projects or events that you are particularly excited about?

Dharampal Singh Malhotra. Currently we’re working on for a project for an International Client, after the First meeting itself and after hearing about us from anyone they spoke to the Industry/Govt.Officials/Venue, each one of them suggested our Name, they finalised the CONTRACT and things are going as per suggestions shared by us, as they were doing the First in this Territory, they’ve left everything on us.