Exhibitor’s Corner: In Talks With Dr. Sujit Nagrath, Country Head, Dental Mammoth At Delhi Dental Show;


ES. Please introduce yourself and tell us something about the Delhi Dental show.
Sujit. My name is Dr. Sujit Nagrath, country Head at Dental Mammoth. Dental Mammoth Ltd is a globally operating dental publishing company. Dental Mammoth´s mission is “Skills are based on knowledge” – we produce innovative information services and products to support clinical work and education. Over here we have Mr. Heikki Autti from Heisinki, Finland,designated as CEO, Publisher, MD, DDS, OMFS at Dental Mammoth. We have come here to take part in Delhi Dental show and exhibit the new product which is ‘Clinical Decision Support System’ which is an extremely useful tool for a dentist at the point of source while treating the patients.

ES. Tell us about the importance of exhibition in terms of marketing tools.
Sujit. Dental Mammoth is a globally operating publishing company and we see India as a huge market for us and an important exhibition like this in Delhi is a must for us. As things are moving towards the digital side, we are trying to bring the concept of practice management system, which is incorporated along with the clinical decision support system to make the performance and the work of dentist easier. The idea behind coming and taking part in exhibition in India is that you get to meet different kinds of players from different aspects and we always looking to collaborate with them and further our growth of business in India.

ES. What is your view about seminars conducted in the Delhi dental Show? How does it benefit the visitors?
Sujit. The main advantage behind the seminars is that it is more helpful from the student’s point of view. Here, they basically focus on topics which are more useful while you are at undergraduate and at Post graduate level.

ES. How do you see IDA contributing in this sector?
Sujit. Earlier IDA use to have one show which was Indian Dental Conference so this is the new concept started as Delhi Dental Show and the World Dental Show which has given exhibitor like us another platform to be present and showcase our products in metro cities like Delhi , Bangalore and Mumbai. So, it is a good initiative taken by Indian Dental Association.

ES. Tells us about other shows where you participate.
Sujit. We take part in almost every international show. The biggest one is IDA’s which is organised in Cologne every year and the FDI which happens in different country, so in terms of Dental trade fairs these are the two biggest trade fairs organised internationally and we have active participation in it.

ES. What would be your message to organiser?
Sujit. A little more marketing is required. Honestly, I am a bit disappointed with the turnout. I feel they can work more on marketing part to get in more relevant people to attend the event like this.


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