Dilpreet Singh Oberoi, MD – Arch Concept Pvt Ltd


ES. Please introduce yourself.

Dilpreet Singh Oberoi. I ’m the founding Partner and Managing Director at Arch Concept Pvt. Ltd., My Role is to steer the organization to greater heights with a strategic focus on large format events and exhibitions. My role also is to strengthen our client relationships and deliver the best each time we execute a project for them.

“Event Management is looked upon as a sunrise industry in the service sector. Every day is a new opportunity.”

ES. What are the keynotes you keep in mind while designing a stall and normally how much time does take to complete a project?

Dilpreet Singh Oberoi. We take up projects on turnkey basis, that includes planning, layouting, , designing, creativity, fabrication and execution. This enables us to deliver the project like a dream and that’s what we believe here. The only keynote we have while taking up the project is to make the clients vision into reality by all means.

The time varies on the scale of the project, but there have been times when we have delivered with really crunched timelines effortlessly and it’s also because of the great inhouse team we have here. We pride ourselves as the ally for experiential events conceptualized and executed for esteemed Industry Bodies/ Chambers / Ministries and some leading Corporate as wells and we have built this relationship with them over the years by delivering all sorts of projects for them flawlessly.

ES. How do you achieve the goal of meeting sustainability?

Dilpreet Singh Oberoi. We intend to practice sustainability in all levels of event management to ensure that an event is hosted responsibly and leaves positive legacies that benefit local communities. We analyse the needs and values of diverse stakeholders that are directly or indirectly impacted by the event.

We prefer using fabric over flex, but it also depends on the projects and client requirements. We invest in our material and reusing the material to support sustainability. We customize them as per every client’s need. It also works in support of the customers as it ultimately reduces the cost of the projects. Major improvements are expected in undertaking manufacturing operations. We strongly recommend using digital ways to promote sustainability like digital registration, digital signages, e-tentcards are some simple yet effective ways.

ES. Do you think that meeting demand of customers in limited budget is challenging and if so then how you deal with it?

Dilpreet Singh Oberoi. Limited budget also promotes thinking out of the box. So, limited budget is an opportunity instead of a challenge. Our prime focus on the experience we deliver. Budget is an important element but that doesn’t stop us from delivering the quality and seamless experience. We work as per our client’s budget, but we understand that there is no small and big project. It’s more of the experience we focus on that can be delivered instead of the budget by which we also imply we don’t compromise on the quality of the project.

ES. What is your message to the industry?

Dilpreet Singh Oberoi. Event Management is looked upon as a sunrise industry in the service sector. Every day is a new opportunity. The industry is growing and evolving, we see new technologies coming in every now and then, opening up spectrum of horizons for experiential events. The key is to understand the audience, elements that excites them and emotionally engages them.

Youth is full of ideas. We see such amazing ideas emerging and stealing the limelight, like drone shows, anamorphic screen, 3d experiences and social media take it to new leap. So, the opportunities are tremendous, one just has to be enthusiastic enough to grab them and make the most of it.