Exhibition Showcase Talks To Dilpreet Oberoi, Managing Director, Arch Concept


ES. What are your thoughts on the massive healthcare crisis that has arisen due the second Covid-19 wave in India? How has your organization dealt with the situation in delivering service to the industry?

Dilpreet Oberoi. Last few months were very unfortunate for our country and our people. Though our team has worked very hard even in lockdowns and when the whole country was going through this crisis, and we made sure that we implemented all the necessary safety measures and have been doing ever since.

ES. A number of Jumbo centres or field hospitals have been developed to meet the crisis posed by Covid-19, for example jumbo centre at Dahisar, Mulund and Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC) have helped the city tide over the Covid waves. Please tell us more.

Dilpreet Oberoi. Yes we, Arch Concept and NK Kapur (as a Joint Venture) have worked round the clock as we only had 18days to build the COVID facility. It definitely had its challenges however we have a team of highly skilled professionals who made the project possible in such a short time span.

Our design philosophy for any exhibits has been to compliment brand personality and to underline position in the market place, thereby giving any team a strong voice and environment in which to address customers. Our concept is to design and achieve maximum accessibility in order to encourage visitors onto the event.

ES. Recently, more than 600 patients were moved out of the jumbo centre and shifted to eight hospitals ahead of the cyclone Tauktae. Can you tell us how durable makeshift hospitals are to face the weather disturbance?

Dilpreet Oberoi. Well we always try to build the safest structure possible however natural calamity and its impact is never in our hands. Though as it is said, precaution is always better than cure. Despite the fact the cyclone was very powerful, our structures are still going strong.

ES. Since social distancing has become a mandatory practice to function in new now, the size of modular/portable buildings had to be reshaped according to the needs of the centre. What are challenges faced while completing the project?

Dilpreet Oberoi. It is definitely a new thing though we took it as a challenge and stayed focussed, understood the shortfalls and addressed the issue with clarity.

ES. Please tell us about your journey in the exhibition industry.

Dilpreet Oberoi. I started my journey while I was doing graduation, back in 1997 I used to work with my father, who is a passionate Architect. Also, challenges are part and parcel of any kind of work. I feel we should always be prepared for any kind of situation. We teach our team also to be problem solvers, that helps in solving any type of issue or crisis.

ES. What is the role of structures in exhibitions & events?

Dilpreet Oberoi. Structures are the backbone of any Exhibition or Event. The good thing is that we have inhouse German Hangers and Octonorm Inventory along with a very dynamic team of Client Servicing personnels designers and executioners.

ES. You operate across India. What are the similarities and differences that you observe across the places you operate?

Dilpreet Oberoi. Well not just India, we operate all over the world and I feel people are same everywhere, you just need to be in touch with right ones and work ethically.

ES. What are your learnings from pandemic Covid-19?

Dilpreet Oberoi. As we all know that the exhibition industry is going through Crisis and its not just our industry, it has impacted industries, people all over the world. Though my idea is to always come back stronger whatever the situation is.

ES. What trends do you expect to see in the next few years that will influence the exhibition service industry?

Dilpreet Oberoi. We have big plans moving forward, ofcourse the idea is to leave a positive impact on what we do. Though yes social Distancing and keeping our masks on are major

part of our lives now which I feel is already impacting the exhibition service industry & moving forward we need to work accordingly. All I can say is that we are raring to achieve many more victories keeping the new rules in mind.

ES. With shifting trade patterns and a jittery global economy, what are some of your sectors that you would want to enter?

Dilpreet Oberoi. Since we already provide architectural services, construction and real estate are the two sectors that I would like to diversify in the near future.

ES. Since the industry is showing signs reopening again, what would be your piece of advice to the people in service industry?

Dilpreet Oberoi. Be focussed, Stay Safe. Safety has always been our priority, and that is something I would like to suggest others as well.

ES. Please tell us about your hobbies and other activities that you would love to do at home.

Dilpreet Oberoi. I hardly take breaks. I love my work & the process of creation, design and seeing it taking place on ground. Other than that, I also like spending time with my family and friends.