Rushikesh Bhatt, Director at Viva Track, Viva Events Management Private Limited


ES. In the field of online & on-site event registration management, why do you think your organisation is one of the leading market leaders of the industry?

Rushikesh Bhatt. Our experience of more than 18 years in the exhibition industry and 10+ years in event technologies has enabled us to continually strive for success. Our organisation believes in work that is thorough and to the point where our clients don’t have to stress too much about their events. For that, we tend to evolve according to need and growth in the industry. Event technologies provided by us give benefit to the organizers to move at ease. Our dedicated project heads work vigorously and aim to make your event a success. The innovation in our technology helps them to ascertain and maintain that trust in us.

ES. Could you please describe in detail some of the projects that your company recently completed following the pandemic? What were some of the challenges you faced in conducting and managing these projects?

Rushikesh Bhatt. We recently worked on big projects like Vibrant Gujarat investment summit as well as Gujarat Gold Jewellery Show. Given the current situation, the major challenge that was faced was maintaining social distancing. Technology never lets loose faith in it, so keeping in mind the health of the citizens, we used contactless medium for registration and maintained with the crowd management system within the norms.

ES. What are some key services offered by Viva Track?

Rushikesh Bhatt. VivaTrack prides itself in providing services like online and onsite registration management. The DIY dashboard platform is developed that is offered to our clients, that incline to be our USP here. Solutions such as ticketing registration, badge printing and the development of virtual platforms for Virtual events can take place at a one-stop destination.

ES. Considering the epidemiological situation in the near future being favourable, what upcoming projects are you planning for this year?

Rushikesh Bhatt. Currently, we have hands-on experience working in different areas in the country. So for the later part, we are planning to further explore the market and take our operations nationwide as well as keeping an aim and ambition to handle events abroad.

ES. Any advice that you could offer the association considering the current situation of the pandemic? How has IESA helped its members cope with challenges amid crisis?

Rushikesh Bhatt. Pandemic has led to depressions, whether it be in business or the other way around. Motivation and positive notions can bring the best out of everything. It would be advised that the association further motivates their members and encourages good work out of them. The IESA has encouraged a smooth and recurring flow of events that bring together various types of professional capacities that help each other and contribute towards the welfare of society.

ES. What message would you like to share with the industry?

Rushikesh Bhatt. Esprit de corps I would like to say that we must all work together and assist one another to collectively grow and achieve greater feats in the industry whilst being safe and healthy.