Ravinder Sethi, Chairman & Managing Director, RE Rogers India


Stay Positive And Share Positivity!

ES. If you have to summarise the year 2021, how would it be and what learnings can we draw?

Ravinder Sethi. I have learned something very simple and clear in the last two years and I would encourage everyone to agree that you should not take life for granted, whether in your personal life, social life, or academic life.

In every realm of our ecosystem, we take life for granted. But I am convinced we will turn to what we have learned for a better future.

ES. What message would you like to the industry at this moment?

Ravinder Sethi. Stay positive and share positivity!

ES. Top 3 trends to look upto in the year 2022 for our industry.

Ravinder Sethi. Generally, we will see smaller shows, less international participation, but we will still see very good footfalls. If we think about it more deeply, the trends would be enhanced use of technology, better skill development, enhanced awareness of sustainability and health/ safety.

“The work Exhibition Showcase did during the pandemic to encourage optimism among industry professionals and serve the industry passionately is something to be commended for.”