KINTEX Re-Starts Exhibitions Successfully


KINTEX venue in Korea has successfully started hosting exhibitions again. Commenting on the development, Mr. Frank Yang, Director, KINTEX said ” I’ve been asked from a lot of colleagues to share our re-opening practice example. I hope our practice will have a positive on exhibition and convention industry. Let me share what we’ve done to prevent COVID19 at the show.

@Venue entrance

– Thermal imaging cameras & Facial recognition thermometers

– Hand sanitizer & Disinfection mats

– Patients under investigation are restricted immediately transferred to containment


– Entry line installed at 1.5m intervals on the floor

– Quarantine and disinfection work conducted once and twice a day

– Conducting 100% external air intake and air conditioning

@Hall entrance

– Non-contact thermometer

– Distributing plastic gloves& hand sanitizer(must-used) for admission

– Emergency Room & Medical staffs