Ravi Boratkar, MD, MM Activ Sci Tech Communications Pvt Ltd.


ES. What made you fall in love with this industry? Could you elaborate on some standout highlights or significant milestones you’ve reached over the years?

Ravi Boratkar. The best part of this industry is it facilitates direct interaction and communication amongst all the stakeholders.

For me, the journey into this realm began at the cusp of the millennium, in 1999. Dr. R A Mashalkar, then Director General of the Council of Scientific & Industria, envisioned a transformation in the organization of the Indian Science Congress (ISC 2000). He advocated for a profound shift towards collaboration between industry, academia, and the scientific community.

This vision resonated deeply with me. Under Dr. Mashalkar’s leadership, ISC 2000, hosted by Pune University, marked a significant departure from tradition. Alongside Dr. Bhushan Patwardhan, our friend and the organizing secretary, we pioneered the concept of integrating exhibitions and symposiums with the congress, fostering dialogue and collaboration between seasoned scientists and budding talent.

Since then, our journey has been marked by numerous milestones spanning over 25 years. We’ve curated platforms that bring together industry leaders, academics, and scientific innovators, focusing on cutting-edge technologies essential for national industrial development. From groundbreaking events like the Indo-US Space Summit and the International Astronautical Congress to specialized gatherings such as the Nutraceutical Summit and the International Union of Food Scientist and Technologist (IUFOST), our portfolio reflects our commitment to driving progress through collaboration.

Consistency has been key. Over two decades of organizing ISC, years of hosting IT & Biotechnology expos in Bangalore, and recurring successes like Agrovision attest to our enduring dedication to fostering dialogue and innovation.

Recognizing the pivotal role of venues in shaping event experiences, we ventured into venue management in 2018, establishing a new entity.

At the CIDCO Exhibition & Convention Centre, our aim is simple: to ensure seamless and exceptional experiences for all participants and organizers. Our vision extends beyond singular locations; we aspire to create convenient and conducive venues across multiple locations, further catalyzing collaboration and progress in our industry.

ES. How do you envision the company’s future under your leadership, and what strategies would you implement to achieve that vision?

Ravi Boratkar. As we look to the future, I see boundless potential for our company to thrive and lead within this dynamic industry. The current economic landscape, characterized by one of the highest growth rates globally, coupled with the increasingly pivotal role of science and technology across sectors, presents an opportune moment for exponential growth. The momentum catalyzed by post-Covid recovery efforts and initiatives such as Make in India, Atmanirbhar Bharat, and Startup India further propels us forward. Under my leadership, our company will seize this opportune moment by embarking on a trajectory of strategic expansion and innovation. We envision launching new initiatives that capitalize on emerging trends and cater to evolving market demands. Central to our strategy is close collaboration with stakeholders, including industry associations and governmental departments at both state and central levels. By fostering strong partnerships, we aim to align our initiatives with broader national objectives while ensuring relevance and impact.

Additionally, we are poised to expand our venue management services to encompass multiple centers across different cities. This expansion not only enhances our geographic reach but also reinforces our commitment to providing top-notch event experiences nationwide.

Technology and sustainability will serve as cornerstones of our approach. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we aim to streamline event management processes, enhance participant engagement, and deliver unparalleled value to our clients. Moreover, we are committed to adopting sustainable practices across all facets of our operations, minimizing environmental impact while maximizing long-term viability.

In essence, our vision is to be a catalyst for success, offering organizers a diverse array of options powered by technology, innovation, and sustainability. By staying attuned to market dynamics, embracing collaboration, and prioritizing excellence, we are poised to realize our vision of driving transformative growth and shaping the future of the industry under my leadership.

ES. As the future of exhibitions and trade shows is perceived to be bright and full of possibilities, what is your inspiring message for the industry stakeholders?

Ravi Boratkar. In the dynamic world of exhibitions and trade shows, it is crucial for industry stakeholders to adopt change, encourage collaboration, focus on sustainability, champion inclusivity, invest in education, and demonstrate resilience. Investing in our workforce through training, mentorship, and advancement opportunities enables employees to keep pace with changing trends, utilize new technologies, and offer outstanding experiences.

Through the adoption of advanced technologies, establishment of partnerships, implementation of sustainable practices, embracing of diversity, dedication to lifelong learning, and tackling challenges with resolve, we can craft engaging and impactful experiences that benefit both participants and the environment. We must envision a future where exhibitions and trade shows act as platforms for innovation, networking, and advancement, fostering beneficial change for future generations.