Interview with Ms. Sonia Prashar Managing Director – Nürnberg Messe India Pvt. Ltd.


Q. NürnbergMesse India is the leading exhibition organiser in India. What kind of impact do your shows generate for their respective industries?
A. We have achieved the distinction of organising exhibitions on very niche topics. We believe in the near future, exhibitors would want a platform which is perfectly tailored to their specific needs and requirements instead of being generic. We collaborate with all respective leading trade associations to understand the nuances and challenges every industry faces. This enables us to understand, in depth, the current needs and future expectations from our exhibitions. We are therefore able to create effective forums, which not only offers our customers a chance to showcase their products and innovations, but also puts them in contact with influencers and decision makers.

Q. How do you ensure that your exhibitors and visitors are satisfied with the outcome of your exhibitions?
A. It’s important that the team works in tandem to deliver a show which fares well on all accounts: square footage, aesthetic appeal, quality visitors, well organised and well supplemented with complementary events. To achieve this it is imperative that we are constantly in touch with the exhibitors to understand their needs. On the part of the management it is important to keep the team motivated, united and charged for them to be able to achieve all this. Furthermore we are constantly looking at new methods and ideas to make the participation process as seamless and as comfortable for our exhibitors and visitors as possible.

Q. NürnbergMesse India won an award in the “Corporate Excellence” Category In Exhibition Excellence Awards 2017. Please highlight the measures you take for your employees, stakeholders and society in general?
A. It is worth noting that the collaborative effort of a small yet effective team is behind the success of special niche portfolio of shows. The combined performance of the team has helped NM India deliver every time and maintain the customer satisfaction ratio. Important company milestones such as acquisition of a new project is also celebrated with the entire team , new team members are acquainted with the existing colleagues and this promotes a sense of community. Apart from this due care is also taken of employee health through various recreational activities including yoga classes, Health talk by nutritionists & meditation sessions. NM India also endeavours to provide its employees an opportunity to relax and unwind through the offsite programs. Team building is an important feature of such excursions.
Another important feature of the corporate governance at NM India is a sense of transparency where employee feedback is taken into consideration for the growth of the company. We are an environmentally conscious organiser and believe in creating green exhibitions led by our motto of REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE.
We also engage in various philanthropic activities throughout the year especially focussing on women empowerment and girl child education.

Q. NürnbergMesse India is one of the most trusted exhibition organiser in India. What goes behind reaching this level of excellence?
A. By creating and offering the ideal work environment for all the team members. This comes from respect for everyone’s contribution and most importantly through very clear communication. Furthermore we strive to build on the confidence and trust that we enjoy with our exhibitors, associates and partners.
Most importantly by deploying the correct strategy, encouraging teamwork and by being relentlessly passionate; we firmly believe in the motto: “Precise sound planning guarantees perfection”.

Q. Could you please inform us how did you envision the concept of Build Fair Alliance?
A. Build Fair Alliance was a unique and path breaking concept of “Integrated Building Solutions” which brought together leading trade fair organisers from all over India, a feat which remains unsurpassed.


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