Hemant Joshi, Associate Vice President, Dentsu Creative


ES. Having so many feathers in one cap at such early age is commendable. Please walk us through your professional journey, from your early beginnings to your current role as the Associate Vice President at Dentsu Creative?

Hemant Joshi. I’m a firm believer of ‘Do what you love. Love what you do.’ That’s exactly what I did. I persued my passion towards advertising, storytelling, creativity, thought to bring some change and landed in mass media and eventually the world of advertising. Firstly, let me break the perception bubble regarding ‘advertising’ and this is what i tell to all new entrants that advertising is not only about glamor, access to celebrities, look charming all the time. There’s so much that goes behind it. It’s a very tough and a responsible job. Immense amount of pressure. Passion is what will drive you every day and help you survive and grow in this industry. I started as an intern to Account Executive to Account Manager to Account Director to Sr. Account Director and after spending almost 9 years at ad agencies, here I am as an Associate Vice President at Dentsu Creative Mumba. Still so much to do, to learn and to give back to society.

ES. What inspired you to pursue a career in advertising, and how did you navigate your path to success in this competitive industry?

Hemant Joshi. As a kid, i was always fascinated with the television commercials, newspapers ads, huge banners on the road which I later figured were called as Outdoors. I always wanted to be a part of that creative world. I always wanted to create something like it. This fascination made me confident about choosing the profession. I chose advertising over engineering (long story with lots of twist and turns…may be some other time This industry is definitely competitive but also inspiring at the same time. I continued to work on myself, my craft and strengthened my expertise. There’s a very famous and a catchy quote from movie 3 idiots that Aamir Khan says, ‘ Become capable and success will chase you.’

ES. How do you envision the future of advertising in a digital-first world?

Hemant Joshi. It’s limitless, surprising, and endless. As we navigate through the digital age and beyond, the landscape of advertising is undergoing a transformation so profound that it’s not just about selling products; it’s about creating meaningful connections, weaving stories that resonate, and immersing consumers in experiences they never knew they craved. So, fasten your seatbelts, because we’re about to explore and experience the advertising frontier, where innovation knows no bounds, and the possibilities are as limitless as the human imagination. But it comes with immense responsibility on everyone’s shoulders.

ES. In your opinion, what are the essential ingredients for a successful advertising campaign, and how do you ensure that creativity aligns with strategic objectives?

Hemant Joshi. Honest, Humour, and human. These are the top 3 ingredients for a super delicious advertising campaign and trust me everyone will remember the taste forever. These three pillars also help in ensuring that the creativity aligns with strategic objectives.