Aneesh Chandrabhanu, Managing Partner, Unique exhibitions and events


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ES. Could you tell us about the journey of Unique Exhibitions & Events over the past 25 years? How has the company evolved in the exhibition and events industry during this time?

Aneesh Chandrabhanu. The Journey of Unique Exhibition and Events we have started since 2016 onwards from Mumbai ,Now we have extended our service in Delhi as well , Majorly we are providing the complete infrastructure solutions for Trade Shows and Events . ( Like Shell Scheme stalls , Auxillary areas , Out door Hangers Etc.

ES. Unique Exhibitions & Events is known for creating unique experiences. How does your team approach the process of designing and executing events that stand out from the crowd?

Aneesh Chandrabhanu. We are always trying to do something different in design and execution.

ES. Can you share some notable projects or events that Unique Exhibitions & Events has successfully executed? What were the key elements that made these events memorable?

Aneesh Chandrabhanu. 1) World Spice Congress Sept 2023- Got an opportunity to design customised pavillions
2) Plastivision 2023
3) IIJS 2023

ES. How does Unique Exhibitions & Events incorporate technology and innovation into its event infrastructure and services?

Aneesh Chandrabhanu. We are always trying to apply new technology and services in our day to day operation . It will help us to improve quality and standard

ES. What message would you like to share?

Aneesh Chandrabhanu. Do not compromise on the quality of the product and service the success will follow.