Formerly Known As Jeram Shivji And Sons, Jess Ideas Is Amongst India’s Most Reliable Names In Exhibition & Event Management Arena. Exhibition Showcase Talks With Ajit Thakker, Director, Jess Ideas Pvt. Ltd. & Vice President, IESA


ES: Please tell us about your role in the organization & services offered by you?
Ajit: I am the company director of Jess Ideas with a special focus on operational strategy and public relations. I live and breathe live events amassing a portfolio of mega events ranging from Michael Jackson 1995 to Magnetic Maharashtra 2018. Jess Ideas was formerly known as Jeram Shivji and Sons, we offer turnkey event infrastructure solutions with all in-house inventory since 1969. We have entered our 50th year of operations on the 15th of August 2018. Over the years, our brand has come to be synonymous with venue construction in India. We have played a pivotal role in transforming concepts into creations for the largest landmark events that have taken place in the country.

ES: Please share with us your organization’s journey so far with its key achievements & milestones over the years?
Ajit: In the early days, we started the company as a provider of monsoon weather sheds. We catered largely to corporate warehouses and military supply storages. Our ability to construct structures that protected goods and withstood rampant rainfall gave us a unique identity and positioning. We are proud to be the pioneer of the temporary monsoon shed industry. Thanks to the structural stability and quality of service that we offered, it wasn’t long before we were involved with large-scale events in the country that required reliable and resourceful collaborators. Since event infrastructure service is a dynamic industry we have constantly upgraded our inventory and have led the path for the industry in terms of Stability, Safety, Service. We were the first company to introduce German Aluminum structures to the western zone of the country, which today has become a benchmark and minimum requirement for all large scale public events credited to our market disruption. Our reputation as a reliable service provider has allowed us to be an integral collaborator when artists like Armin Van Buuren, Avicii, Hardwell, Justin Bieber, Deadmau5, Martin Garrix and Bryan Adams have visited the country.

ES: Please highlight some of your key projects.
Ajit: Magnetic Maharashtra 2018 & Make in India 2017 have been landmark exhibitions that we have worked to produce; this is largely credited to our extensive inventory capabilities and the emphasis on safety. Global Citizen India Festival (ColdPlay & JayZ) was another landmark event of ours wherein we showcased to the world that India is ready for festival concerts of never-before-seen magnitude. The BJP Mahamelawa held on the 6th of April 2018 was the largest ever political meeting conducted in India. The celebration of the 38th Foundation day of the party saw a total of 3,00,000 people attend the event and the MMRDA grounds in BKC were constructed in their entirety for the day.

ES: What are the Emerging trends in Exhibition & events industry?
Ajit: With the growing level of organization in the event and exhibition industry there are 3 key emerging trends that I foresee and include in Jess Ideas:
Structural & Venue safety protocols.
Team worker’s safety.
Quick Reaction Teams.

ES: Can you share with us any innovation introduced by you?
Ajit: LAYHER scaffolding system was traditionally used in building construction scaffolding. We at Jess Ideas are the only company to introduce this scaffolding system to events in India. This ring-lock technology of scaffolding ensures a level of safety that is unparalleled and just like the aluminum structure is gradually becoming a minimum requirement in event infrastructure. We are proud to lead the way for the industry with respect to innovation and safety.

ES: Can you share with us any case study on how critical & relevant your services are? An example where your team handled a crisis situation successfully.
Ajit: In February of 2016 a massive fire broke out at Make in India Girgaum chowpatty. Not only were our structures flame retardant but also the spirit of our team was untouched. Our team collectively evacuated the venue of any people, goods & materials and cleared the site within 24 hours without any casualties. A gargantuan effort involving 80 trucks and innumerable team members exemplified our commitment to safety services. We consider it our moral and professional duty to lead the way in safety standards and Make in India 2016 is a testament for our commitment to making events safer.

ES: How do you view the Exhibition and Convention Industry in India and its future?
Ajit: The convention and Exhibition industry has caught incredible amount of traction over the last few years. Early 2018, Magnetic Maharashtra was a pleasant teaser of what can be expected in the convention industry of India and now consistently more associations are choosing exhibitions to unite their members and market their product or services.

The government’s vision to attract foreign investment, transform India into a manufacturing hub, drive start up culture and engineer Digital India has meant that B2B markets have flourished and one the of the largest gainers has been the exhibitions and convention organizers. Various professional associations and trade groups are competing for investment and eyeballs and the most of effective way has been exhibitions and conventions. The future for conventions and exhibitions in India is bright and Jess Ideas is proud to be at the crux of these developments.


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