Exhibition Showcase Talks To Aditya Loomba, Director at ECO Rent A Car


ES. What is your organization all about? What are some of the key services provided by Eco Rent A Car that sets it apart from the others?

Aditya Loomba. ECO Rent A Car is a leading ground transportation service provider in India in the field of corporate mobility across 6 different verticals (Corporate car hire, Employee Transportation, Electric vehicle mobility, Tourist transportation, Global chauffeur drive and Self drive car rentals), catering to leading Organizations, Events & Travel trade and MNCs.

ES. Please take us through your professional journey since inception and some major milestone achieved over the years.

Aditya Loomba. ECO was founded in 1973 and I have been part of ECO since 2002, currently serving as Jt. Managing Director One of the major milestones have been receiving the National Award from the President of India, four years in a row, as India’s best ground transportation company.

ES. Could you provide our readers with a few examples of noticeable projects that you have carried?

Aditya Loomba. ECO is the leading choice for all customers who want to provide a reliable, safe, convenient, efficient and sustainable travel experience for all travelers.

We are proud to be associated with some other major events in India like:

VVIP and CIP visits all over India (M.E.A.)
Air Show in Bangalore
Defence Expo
ISA summit in Delhi
IPL in India and in UAEBRICS summit in Goa
Corporate Events
Trade Shows & Conferences
Lavish Weddings like Mr. Ambani’s wedding event
CEO visits across India and worldwide
Employee Transportation for Large MNCs & IT co.

ES. What are your growth plans for the next year?

Aditya Loomba. Our plan is to grow organically and systemaltically focusing on customer satisfaction and adding more EVs in to our fleet.

ES. What inspired you to start ‘boardrooms-on-wheels’ service? How did you come up with the idea?

Aditya Loomba. Getting stuck in traffic is an unavoidable problem in all cities across India, we thought that how this time can be used productively and came up with a solution “boardroom on wheels’ Our Commuter vans (with rotating seats facing each other) across India are used by Executives in leadership positions to conduct meetings while on the move.

ES. Can you identify a trend or development that is enveloping this industry around the world that you believe is important?

Aditya Loomba. The trend we see with travelers globally is that they want the convenience of technology but the assurance of a personalized, safe and hygienic experience. Customers are looking for ‘affordable luxury’ options while they travel and willing to pay a reasonable premium for the same.

ES. According to you what are the top challenges surrounding this Industry today?

Aditya Loomba. Fleet availability and vehicle delivery from OEMs as well as evolution of EVs & Green fuel is the main challenge. Tourism inflow in to India has still not picked up as expected. There is a huge potential for India to become a global leader on the World Tourism map, we hope it happens soon.

ES. What is one of the hardest challenges that you’ve come up against and what did it teach you?ES. What is one of the hardest challenges that you’ve come up against and what did it teach you?

Aditya Loomba. Covid has been the hardest time for entire industry – it has taught us the importance of being humble, nimble and adapt to changes quickly. Also, it has taught us that a good team which works together as a family can withstand anything and any crisis and still come out as a survivor.

ES. On another note, what do you enjoy the most about your work? Please share your hobbies, what keeps you busy when you are away from work?

Aditya Loomba. I personally enjoy traveling to places with natural beauty like hills, lake side, beaches and staying active by swimming, going for treks, river rafting, cycling etc. My hobbies are mostly around spending time with kids and family and whatever they like to do.

ES. Would you like to share any message with the industry?

Aditya Loomba. Every traveler (for business or leisure) we serve gives us an opportunity to be a brand ambassador of your country, your city or town. Be the best ambassador possible!