Mr. Adarsh Singh and Mr. Gurtej Singh Gill, Managing Directors, Zion Exhibitions


The global exhibition industry has seen a shift in regards to product demonstrations

ES. In what ways you have made your show stand out from the crowd? What were the highlights of your show held recently at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi?

AG. D-arc BUILD Expo is a distinctive showcase of Design, Architecture, Building and Construction related technologies. We are pleased with the massive footfall of 30,000+ visitors across India and 5+ countries. We found D-arc BUILD to stand out from the stagnant trends in the industry and incorporated a few unique elements such as:

  • Well curated conferences by Industry relevant associations on befitting themes
  • Exclusive D-arc Ultra Luxe Pavilion showcasing versatile range of Premium and High-end products
  • D-arc Drive, where top Architects and Interior Designers are provided with guided tours
  • Project Presentations by Global Industry Leaders, Prime Architects and Leading Brands
  • Recognise major Contributors to Indian Infrastructure Industry
  • Act as a ‘One stop destination’ for all things Design, Architecture and Construction

These aspects further helped the expo stand from the competitors and made it a success. Our exhibitors are pleased with the overwhelming response and footfall and more than 85% of the them have shown interest in exhibiting again.

The Highlights of D-arc BUILD 2022 were:

  • 30,000 + Visitors from PAN India
  • 150+ Exhibitors
  • International Participation
  • Prime Time Showcase by Renowned Architects
  • 4 Days- 4 Conferences in association with Indian Institute of Architects (IIA)- Northern Chapter as our Conference Partner, Institute of Indian Interior Designers (IIID)- Delhi Regional Chapter as our Knowledge Partner, CG Smart Habitat Foundation as our Infrastructure Partner and Hospitality Purchasing Managers’ Forum (HPMF) as our Supporting Partner
  • Hosted Delegates from PAN India
  • Keynote addresses from International Speakers
  • IIA decorated senior most Architects with Living Legend honorary awards
  • IIID awarded Industry’s leading Interior Designers with Life Achievement Honour, National Mentor Awards and Design Excellence Honours
  • CG Smart Habitat Foundation felicitated Architects, Government Officials, Engineers, Authors with Excellence and Lifetime Achievement Awards
  • Stand-out and indulgent D-arc Ultra Luxe Pavilion. The object of this segregated pavilion was to showcase Signature and luxury collections
  • Fashion Show by JD Institute of Fashion Technology

ES. The exhibitions and events industry, like the rest of the world, has seen a lot of change in a short period of time. What are the most significant changes you’ve witnessed during your time in the industry?

AG. The global exhibition industry has seen a shift in regards to product demonstrations. Today, artificial intelligence is replacing traditional product presentations. In our next endeavours, we eagerly anticipate matching global industry standards and at the same time take into account current modifications. Also, highly-specialized events that focus on a narrow market segment. Their numbers have grown in recent years and the organizations producing them have their own individual reasons, but the overarching reason is our desire for personalized experiences. D-arc BUILD also falls in a niche event category.

ES. With what vision and mission, Zion exhibitions was formed? Please share with us in detail key offerings of Zion exhibitions that makes it unique? What are some of the events organised by Zion exhibitions?

AG. The goal of Zion Exhibitions is to dominate the B2B exhibition market by providing the design, architecture, building, and construction communities with exciting and all-encompassing experiences. By introducing cutting-edge trends, products, and technologies and providing year-round service with promised return on investment, brand awareness, and networking opportunities, we aim to make a difference by becoming the Nation’s leading Exhibition organisers. Setting a distinctive standard for the infrastructure sector, we intend to provide our clients with a well-researched platform, with a focus on the finer points and a pledge of exceptional quality and service. We want to encourage international trade while acting as a catalyst for the growth of the Indian exhibition industry. Zion Exhibitions is certain to stand out thanks to its comprehensive development, relentless innovation and unmatched growth.

ES. In your opinion, what does the Exhibition industry needs to improve and what are some challenges surrounding this sector?

AG. The Indian exhibitions industry now lacks creative ideas and interactive elements, and the majority of trade shows include a wide variety of identical products. This is why, we made an effort to inculcate a wide variety of product ranges and technologies onto a single D-arc BUILD platform. According to the Centre for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) 2019, the best performing segments of the exhibitions sector were found to be ‘finance, legal and real estate’ and ‘building, construction and home repairs’. However, trade shows and exhibitions are thriving across a wide variety of sectors, as businesses invest in more engaging displays – often using interactive materials – and businesses and end consumers come along to learn more about the goods and services they are contemplating buying.

ES. What would you say to the industry if you had one message and one piece of advice to give?

AG. To stay relevant in any industry whatsoever, networking is the key. Business professionals can network with other industry members to learn about new trends, exchange ideas and receive valuable mentorship. The ability to recognise fresh opportunities and improve one’s chances of succeeding as an entrepreneur makes it crucial as well. They can participate in business networking by attending seminars or webinars, joining a networking group and following the social media profiles of other entrepreneurs and visiting networking events such as Exhibitions and Trade Fairs.

ES. What are your thoughts on issues that you believe will pose significant challenges and opportunities for the Design, Architecture, Building and Construction industry in the coming times?

AG. I believe the biggest challenge is encouragement. Conferences and exhibitions are two examples of initiatives that are carried out to foster business interactions, innovations, ideas and the existing body of work and further promote infrastructure development. Support from the Industry professional is the key factor which can pose an opportunity to ensure encouragement of work. Furthermore, there is a huge gap between International Exhibition standards so there’s a lot to achieve and grow in this Industry.