Exhibition Showcase Talks To David DuBois, President & CEO, International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE)


ES. Please tell us about the role of the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE)?
David. We have over 1,300 member organizations and that includes over 12,000 exhibitions industry individual professionals. Currently, we have members in more than 50 countries. Thus, we are truly a worldwide and trusted association. I oversee our international chapters, our staff of 25 executives and all of our activities that include networking, meetings, EXPO EXPO events, advocacy and much more.

ES. Please tell us the background story of IAEE as to how it came into existence?
David. IAEE began in 1928 and has enjoyed over 90 years of advocating and helping to grow the worldwide exhibitions and events industry. One of our most proud accomplishment has been the launch and growth of our CEM (Certified Exhibition Management) program. IAEE has over 3,000 CEM graduates and they live in over 25 countries.

ES. In present times, how do you the changing dynamics of the event sector globally?
David. Technology capabilities are welcomed and must be embraced to support the need to make more data and capabilities available to enhance the growth of our worldwide industry. Also, adult learning techniques and content are vital to help our industry members enhance their personal and professional attributes and career opportunities.

ES. What are the 5 biggest trends in exhibition industry?
David. Technology (digitization), education enhancements, advocacy emphasis, marketplaces expansion, exhibitor and attendee return-on-investment.

ES. Exhibitions are also a source of major tourist revenue for many countries. Can you share some statistics about US exhibition industry and its overall contribution?
David. The United States exhibitions industry economic impact is estimated to be more than $97 Billion of overall results (direct and indirect). Job creation/retention, business expansion, cultural enhancements and more are very definable results of our industry worldwide.

ES. How is the economy placed in US and what kind of tradeshows have good prospects there?
David. The Center For Exhibitions Industry Research (CEIR) tracks 15 different industry sectors. The most successful and recent segments include: industrial machinery, building construction, communications/information technology, discretionary consumer goods/services and medical/healthcare.

ES. Has the industry reached its saturation there?
David. The exhibitions and events industry continues to expand at a healthy rate of approximately 2% per year. The USA industry, as well as worldwide, has not reached saturation points as we will always respond to the desired business needs of cities, countries and regions around the world.

ES. What impact can be seen on tradeshows due to the US China Trade war?
David. The global trade negotiations continue to be problematic since they place a great deal of volatility and uncertainty into the many valuable marketplaces around the world. No matter where these negotiations are taking place, we continue to support and advocate for the need for fair and open trade.

ES. How can India and US collaborate closer with respect to trade shows?
David. India and the United States (as well and many other countries around the world) must continue to expand fair and open trade that enhances the growth and success of all countries involved. IAEE has established important chapters around the world (USA, India, MENA and Mexico) as we continue to collaborate with the country exhibitions and events industry organization to educate, advocate and enhance our industry through a very collaborative approach.

ES. How do you view the Indian market and the possibilities here?
David. The Indian market is very healthy and continues to grow along the the excellent GDP expansion. The possibilities for continued exhibitions industry expansion are very good and being supported by the excellent infrastructure growth across India.

ES. Your 3 favourite business destinations in same order
David. Shanghai, Vancouver, San Diego

ES. Your most cherished possession
David. My loving family and friends

ES. Your message to the world
David. Positive Personal brand is vital for a successful life journey

ES. Your favourite quote
David. “The Golden Rule” philosophy

ES. Your favourite hobby
David. Golf and Snow Skiing


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