Exhibition Showcase Talks To Cyril Pereira, Managing Director, Triune Exhibitors Pvt. Ltd.,


Q. Please introduce us to yourself?

A. I am Cyril Pereira, 46 years old, born from a tiny town called Koppa, Chickamaglur distict, Karnataka, India. I graduated from SDM College honnavar. I am a Memeber of various clubs, Institutions & associations. I am the MD, Triune Exhibitors Pvt. Ltd. & MD, Reed Triune exhibitions Pvt. Ltd. “Triune Exhibitors Pvt. Ltd., is a professionally managed company formed in the year 2000 head quartered at Bangalore with 18 years of experience & expertise in organizing International Trade Fairs in India. Masterminded by core team of experts, the group has emerged as a leading name for development of International Trade Fairs in India. Triune’s growth record is impressive. The year 2018 closed with a record 46 + International Exhibitions as Organisers. Triune has a legacy of organizing mega events like AMTEX (Asian Machine Tools), PLASTASIA (Plastics and Allied Products), ELASIA (Power, Electrical & Industrial Electronics). Triune has also institutionalized International Trade Fairs like Printing & Packtech, Food & Bakerytech, Agri & Floratech, Autoshow, Automationasia, India Connect, Chemical & Rubber. & SMARTCITIES EXPO. Triune has organized Exhibitions in major cities of India besides Bangalore, like Chennai, New Delhi and Mumbai. Triune’s rapport with leading Trade and Industry Associations, Chambers and International Trade Fair organizers enable them to cater to the National and International business fraternity by organizing World Class Trade Fairs.

Q. When did you start your professional journey?

A. I started in the year 2000, launching my first exhibition namely AMTEX-2001.

Q. What have been the major milestones in your journey?

A. Major milestone have been making AMTEX, PLASTASIA, PRINT & PACKTECH, ELASIA grow from edition to edition. In the year 2014 we joined hands with REED Exhibitions & formed the JV to organize the AMTEX Exhibition. In the year 2015 formed the company called Ivertex Technologies Pvt Ltd to bring forth the exhibition virtually online.

Q. How big a team do you lead?

A. In Triune Exhibitors Pvt Ltd we have a team strength of 26 people working & 9 in REED TRIUNE EXHIBITIONS.

Q. What have been the major challenges you faced in your journey?

A. Organizing the machinery show in palace grounds because of uneven surface, outsourced power & to put up the huge structure for each event with the limited time span was major challenge as there were no venue with built-in halls at Bangalore initially. Digitalising various activity & promotion was a challenge too & creating the world-class website to make exhibitors & visitors experience hassle-free participation was another big challenge.

Q. Tell us about IndiaPlast 2019 in detail?

A. Indiaplast-2019 was jointly organised by PMMAI & TRIUNE. It took us close to 2 years in planning, Marketing & in organizing Indiaplast-2019. We held 21 roadshows across India & 3 in abroad to bring in quality visitors. We had 945 companies occupying an area of 72,000 sq.mtrs at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida. During the 5 days exhibition we witnessed 1,23,409 total footfalls, & exhibitors were pleased with the kind of facilities & arrangements.

Q. What in your opinion, can an exhibitor company do to maximize his ROI in an exhibition?

A. Exhibitor has to choose the right exhibition at the right time at the right place. Success of any exhibition does not solely depend on the organiser and the exhibitor need to chip in with his/her contribution by way of informing the right type of visitors/buyers about his participation. One might use digital medium, electronic medium or print medium in order to invite prospective buyer/visitor.

Q. What difference do you observe in exhibitions here and the ones organised abroad?

A. I have seen that the exhibitions abroad are more organised and there is a lot of importance given to pre-registering the visitors. Infrastructure & purpose built exhibition halls add advantage to exhibitors as well as organisers.


A Quick Rapid Fire

Q. What is your favorite cuisine?

A. Thai cuisine.

Q. Your favorite hobby?

A. Listing to Music, Reading & watching Cricket.

Q. Your favorite movie?

A. Titanic.

Q. Who is your inspiration?

A. Mother Teresa – Who saw God in every human being.

Q. Whom have you admired most in exhibition industry?

A. Mr. Chet Burchett, CEO, Reed Exhibitions.

Q. What is your favorite quote?

A. Love one another as i have loved you -Jesus.

Q. What message would you like to give to the youth who want to be successful in exhibition industry?

A. Work Hard, Be focussed & dream big.


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