We, As Freight Forwarders And On-site Agents Are Happy That Shows Are Opening Their Gates Again


The situation has now started to improve for the Exhibition Industry worldwide. Shows are opening their gates again, exhibitors are etching to showcase their products, visitors are attending in huge numbers, and we, as Freight Forwarders and On-site Agents, are happy to be amongst Forklifts, empty boxes and industry colleagues! However, when things took a wrong turn, in spite of taking a back seat, we pulled up our socks and started to prepare customized solutions to tackle this unprecedented situation.

The closest substitute for exhibition, which would cater to all the needs and requirements of our partner exhibitors, was a small-scale private demo. The idea was to send samples directly to the premises of a prospective customer, and dipalying them to a selected sample of representatives. We utilized the benefits of ATA Carnet to make these projects a success. Since the inception of our company, we have also been the officially appointed Freight Forwarder for all logistics requirements & Defense Exhibitions for some of India’s prime Defense Manufacturers. As Defense Exhibitions have been taking place since mid 2020, we have been fortunate enough to be on-site for these exhibitions in all parts of the world (from as early as August 2020). As freight services were hugely disrupted during the pandemic, we had to coordinate directly with the Indian Cosulates to arrange timely delivery of exhibits for some of the exhibitions. Pharmaceutical industry has been one sector which has been growing continuously since the last couple of years.

To serve our nation in the need of the hour, we provided for the deliveries of life saving drugs and equipment from our partners and valued Pharmaceutical Manufacturers to their customers in the Indian subcontinent, and Africa. In addition to the above, we had the opportunity to be a part of a very exciting project, which involved the study, and subsequent launch of a luxury SUV in the Indian Market.

The automobile was designed in Europe, and was imported into various cities of India to conduct research on its design and aerodynamics on Indian roads. The project was highly confidential as it was very important for our customer to keep the design and features of the car a secret until its ultimate launch. The team of BIG Logistics India has been working tirelessly, amongst all the challenges since April 2020. The pandemic helped us to develop and deepen our knowledge in some untouched fields of work, and to invest more time on skill development and quality trainings.