Interview of Mr. Dennis Smith, Director IAEE & President, Messe Frankfurt North America


Q: What are the upcoming activities in IAEE?

A: IAEE has a lot of activities going on throughout the year. Right now we are in India at the IEIA Open Seminar and we are providing some insight on the Industry in the United States and at the same time we are trying to understand where the Indian Exhibition Industry is. So we are studying and sharing both the perspectives.

Q: According to you, where does the Indian Exhibition Industry stand in the Global Exhibition Industry?

A: The Global Exhibition Industry is in varied stages of developments. Whereas, the Indian Exhibition Industry is more mature than others and it possesses a lot of growth potential. As we have learned over the past few days, that there are expectations of about 6 percent growth of the Exhibition Industry in India but when you compare it to the United States, the Exhibition Industry’s expected growth rate is just about 2 percent. So, this shows that there is a tremendous growth potential in India.

Q: What do you have to say about the show IEIA Open Seminar?

A: It was my first time at the IEIA Open Seminar and I was very impressed with the passion for the Exhibition Industry they were involved in. IAEE is also very happy to graduate several young professionals with their CEM Certificates and we just hope that more and more young professionals in India decide to make a career in the Exhibitions Industry.

Q: What do you have to say about Global Exhibition Day and how are you planning to observe it?

A: Global Exhibition Day is an important day for the members of the Exhibition Industry because it gives them a chance to go to their local governments and talk about the importance of Exhibitions & Events. Personally, in United Stated, on June 6th & 7th we will be in Washington DC, lobbying on Capitol Hill. We hope that people in India, Europe and around the world are also participating in the activity.

Q: According you, how important are exhibitions to a country’s economy?

A: Exhibitions precede the results of how the economy is doing. So, if the economy does well – trade shows do well and if the trade show is doing poorly then it’s a sign that the economy is doing poorly. I think people would look at trade shows as a way to jump start the economy and trying to get things going. Currently, when you consider this particular part of the world – Asia, trade shows are the face of ‘what’s coming’ in terms of innovation and technology. So, be it India or China, trade shows are improving year in year.


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