Interview with Mr. PS Aneja, Director – UFS Fire Services Pvt. Ltd.


Q. When and how did UFS Fire Services Pvt. Ltd. come into establishment?

A. Dabwali School fire incidence on Dec 23rd, 1995  and Uphar Cinema tragedy on 13th June, 1997 in Delhi inspired me to take up fire services. These incidences had touched me deeply. It was a challenging and interesting job for me to ensure people’s safety.
This pressed me into the formation of company with brand name United Fire Service. Then later in the year 2010-2011 I promoted this company to UFS Fire Services Pvt. Ltd. Earlier the fire coverage was done as a formality and later our company become a trend setter in safety norms under the able guidance  of Mr. Sharma, director Delhi Fire Service, Mr. Rakesh and Mr. Verma from E.P.C.H, Mr. Sinha from C.I.I, Mr. Tulsiani from Godrej, Mr. Gidh from Imtex and Mr. Malik from I.T.P.O. They became my guiding angels.

Q. What were the initial challenges faced by the company in the context of training and services?

A. In those days fire safety norms were not followed strictly. There was a major fire in the year 2006 april 10th at brand India fair Meerut. That fire shook whole exhibition industry and then fire norms were followed strictly. In those days very few fire trained personnel were available.
The govt. encouraged skill development. Then many fire training colleges flourished. Even we went for our training centre. We did 1st good shows that was Spanish Technia, Imtex and EPCH shows and PlastIndia perfectly well handling difficult situations in the hanger. Then we were invited show after show from all organizers setting a bench mark in safety matters as a first private fire service agency in India.

Q. What are the new innovations you have introduced into the industry?

A. We introduced fire boosters, training centre, fire blankets, AFT, mist type fire tender, AFFF & water fire tenders. Now we are adding disaster& medical ambulance service.

Q. What inspired you to choose Fire Security Services as your career objective?

A. I wanted to go ahead with essential services. In this connection after big fires mentioned earlier. I had words with my brother in law senior IPS officer Mr. R.S. Bajaj who was having additional charge of fire service in Tripura and my sister Chitra and brother in law Mr. Pawan, who was a senior IAS officers back then, inspired me to take up fire services as a challenge. This was my turning point into Fire Services.

Q. Has there ever been a crisis situation during a show when there was risk to life & property but you & team managed to overcome it with your experience and expertise? How?

A. Yes there has a crisis many times but timely action and advance safety precautions have killed the crisis in the bud.
a. Fire in helium balloons covered by random ABC fire extinguisher forming a blanket.
b. Fire in the hanger by halogen lamp used CO2 and dry powder fire extinguisher from top of the hanger. Finally pressed fire tender into service.
c. Fire in the clothes used H2O-CO2 fire extinguisher & finally pressed fire tender services.
d. Fire in the grass, covered by fire boosters & AFT’s.
e. Fire in the top of the tent used small ABC fire extinguisher and hook to tear the cloth.
f. Many short circuits are covered timely.

Q. According to you, what is the relevance of your services in the Exhibition Services?

A. In the exhibition industry fire coverage is to be done as per fire norms(NBC) to get N.O.C. All fire and safety precautions are necessary to have safe show with perfect evacuation if necessary and to take care during earth quake, wind pressure, floods and hail storm. Fire services play a very important role.

Q. What has been logistically the most challenging event in your career?A. The most challenging event has been Auto Expo, IHGF at greater Noida, Aero India at Bangalore, PlastIndia at Gandhi Nagar and Defense show at Goa.

Q. How receptive are the trade show organizers to your services?

A. All good organizers respond to our guide lines on fire safety, evacuation and fire plans in connection with N.O.C and safety of the people and property which is valuable.


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