Exhibition Showcase Talks To The Participants In Tradeshows And Understands Their Take On Exhibitions. Here We Speak To A Participant In Home Expo 2019


Q. Please introduce yourself and tell us about your company.
A. I am Govind Kapoor, proprietor of G.R. Creations having over 17 Years of experience in this trade with a reputation of running successful and trustworthy organization. G.R Creations is the market leader in the field of hand crafted products ranging from handicraft items like Beaded Hand Embroidered, Home Furnishigs, Beaded Bags, Handcrafted Jewellery Boxes with Wooden inlay work, Photo Frames, Furniture Specially designed by skilled Indian hand craftsmen and we also deal in Costume Jewellery, Scarfs & Stoles, Leather Goods and Hair Accessories co-ordination with garments.

Q. Tell us something about this show, Home Expo 2019.
A. Home expo is a good platform for the new buyers, basically all the new buyers, small importers come here and they are showing a lot of interest. EPCH is doing a lot of promotions, providing free tickets and hotel promotions and that’s why this fair is becoming more and more popular in Europe and Latin America.

Q. Home expo is a one stop solution for home decors. There are some expos which provide other categories under one platform like American Home and Garden expo. Do you think more categories should be added in this show?
A. I will tell you, the only exhibition that covers all the categories is at High point which is held in America. High point is the 150 years old market. All the big importers from America and Europe can be seen there so, all the small retailers go there and they give small orders and ready to move in. They have warehouses in America also, they place order and buy from us in India. Some of buyers from High Point are already here. They buy from us, store goods there and they have every three months market week in America. All the retailers go there, place the order and get the delivery immediately.

Q. What other shows do you participate apart from Home Expo?
A. I participate in Ambiente Frankfurt, Germany which is one of the leading international trade fairs for the consumer goods industry. It covers the entire market, including special themes such as contract business, horeca and sourcing and their next show is in February.

Q. What are differences that you have observed between shows organized in India and Abroad?
A. In Ambiente, a lot of Latin American customer comes like Brazilian, Chilean, Venezuela, Columbia and many more. Since these are small countries and cannot place big orders so rather coming to us they go to High point in Frankfurt. Earlier, Australian customer did not come here, as most of them use to go to Hong Kong abut now we see them here since Hong Kong is full of Chinese products and they need a change. India has now become a main market and export has also doubled.

Q. How do you see Indian exhibition Industry?
A. We are performing well in the exhibition industry. As far as performance is concerned we are getting all the top importers of America in October fair and now in April. Earlier, it used to be held in February. The reason behind shifting date is to cover the china and Hong Kong also when they come here. In fact many buyers have suggested that April month would be appropriate for the show.

Q. Do you think Home expo is a one stop solution for the buyers coming from the far flung destination?
A. Yes of course, I will give full credit to Rakesh kumar and the CEO of IEML, as the initiative taken by EPCH is laudable. Never before, American importers use to come here but many big importers are now placing big orders to Moradabad, Jodhpur and for leather we are doing business here. There was no one to deal in leathers as an exporter five years back. Today, we have five big exporters.

Q. Whom do you see as your competitor in leather industry?
A. Honestly, Leather industry has no competition because it is very high end and expensive product. Only the people with the knowledge of leather can do the business otherwise this business becomes riskier and often ends with loss. Leather buyers come only to those people who have knowledge of tannery, processing of leather and how to put patterns and everything. So, it is all high end products and it is not for the middle class people.

Q. What is your opinion about the facilities provided by the IEML?
A. I am hundred per cent satisfied with the venue. Their services are very professional and venue is well managed. The organizing team have promoted it in a good way, providing best rates of hotels to overseas customers, free tickets, itinerary, free shuttle services and free food are some attractive part to woo buyers.

Q. How much would you rate this show out of 10?
A. I would definitely rate it 9.

Q. What portion of capital do you invest in exhibition?
A. A minimum amount of 10 lacs are invested to put new inventory, designing etc. which is a basic investment and if you calculate the other cost like booth space then it goes to 20 lacs but we have onetime investment here as we have already paid to the Mart.


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