Exhibition Showcase Talks To Niraj Seth, President, Amada (India) Pvt. Ltd. During His Participation At Blech India 2019


Q. Please introduce yourself and tell us about your company.
A. My name is Niraj Seth – President of Amada India. I began my career as a Service Engineer after graduating as an Electronic Engineering in year 1988.
I have vast experience in machine tool industry and sheet metal fabrication. I have been associated with Amada Japan since 1990 and is the founding member of Amada (India) Pvt. Ltd. With my Service background, I followed philosophy of “Customer first” and “Grow together with customer” which payed rich dividends to company. Our company is firmly on the growth path.

Q. Tell us something about BLECH INDIA 2019. 

A. We participated in Blech India for the first time. This exhibition is dedicated to Sheet Metal Forming which is our prime focus area. It’s a good platform to interact with customers who are into sheet metal fabrication to understand their manufacturing needs and propose solution package not only in terms of machinery but also the manufacturing know-how, in Japanese we call it ‘Monozukuri’ – the art of manufacturing. At the end of the exhibition we are quite satisfied with the quality of customers who visited our stall and interacted with us. This exhibition focuses on western belt.

Q. What other shows do you participate apart from BLECH INDIA?

 A. Since year 2001, we have been participating in almost every edition of IMTEX Forming. This is one of the largest exhibitions in India / Asia.

Q. What differences do see between shows organized in India and Abroad?

A. Basic infrastructure needs improvement and should allow more number of days for installation.  Blech India needs to improve in advertising and promotions.

Q. How do you see the Indian exhibition Industry? 

A. I feel Indian advertising and exhibition industry is one of the best in the world in terms of conceptualising and presenting the ideas to its target customers. The area where they need to focus is quality and service approach.

Q. Do you think BLECH INDIA proved to be one stop solution for the buyers coming from the far flung destination?

A. We could see a lot of customers participation from western regions like Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Goa. However, there was less participation from North and South region.
Blech India organisers must focus on these regions to improve participation.

Q. What are your promotional tools for marketing and how do you see Indian market in metal works?

A. Our company’s philosophy is “Grow together with our customers” so our main marketing tool is our customer. In capital goods industry service plays a bigger role that’s why more than 50% of our staff are from service who are very well trained to support customers. We believe in direct sales and have a Technical centre in Bangalore Aerospace park where customer can see live demo of machines and find solutions to all their queries before investing. We do participate in exhibitions to connect with new buyers and showcase our latest technology to customers.

Q. What is your opinion about the facilities provided by the BEC?

A. This time due to Election, our Hall, stall position was changed at the last moment. The Hall was not at par with international exhibitions standards in terms of service quality. They need to work a lot to keep the exhibition centre clean and improve the service.

Q. How much would you rate this show out of 10?

A. My rating would be 6/10.

Q. Would you like share any message w.r.t. BLECH INDIA 2019?

A. Please select proper exhibition hall which has basic infrastructure for conducting machine tool exhibition. The time for machine installation was too short. Layout needs to be done more carefully.

Q. What are your three favourite shows? Do you think more shows should be organized in this category in India?

A. Euro Blech, IMTEX – Metal forming, FabtechI feel that the number of shows in India are enough.  Quality has to be improved.

Q. What portion of capital do you invest in an exhibition?

A. Depends on the machine / technology that we choose to display. In the past, we have used 180 to 600 Sq. meter exhibition space, as per the requirement.


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