Exhibition Showcase Talks To Gagan Sahni, Director-Business Development, International Trade And Exhibitions India Pvt. Ltd.


Q. Please tell us about your recent show, Roof India, 2019. How does Roof India provide an ideal platform for the infrastructure industry fraternity?
A. ROOF INDIA is an Asia’s Largest Roofing & Allied Products Event. Roofing industry has witnessed a paradigm shift in the last few years. The construction sector has been a significant contributor to the demand for different types of roofing and allied products, technology and services ROOF INDIA is always a must attend event for the building construction and infrastructure industry. it has become atrusted platformto witness the latest innovation in the industry, get new products and technologies available for the growing infrastructure and construction industry in India.

Q. With more than two decades experience in the Indian exhibition industry and working in a number of senior management positions, what have been the major challenges you faced in your journey?
A. Over the last two decades the exhibition industry has seen the noteworthy evolution in India. While some industry specific shows have reached to the global boundaries, few new concept or brand have created a benchmark for success. I also have developed few brands in Indian markets but the major challenge for growth is still the good and economical exhibition venues in India. Development of some new venues are already in process various cities in Indian but the economic factor is still not being address

Q. You are a prime architect of the brand Paperex and have managed many prestigious specialised events during your career in industries such as Pulp & Paper, Construction, Food Processing and education etc. What have been the major milestones achieved in your journey that gives you a sole satisfaction?
A. In last two decades I have been associated over 25 brands and 100 shows. No doubts growth of Paperex event form a show of 2000 sqm to Worlds largest Paper shows give a sense of satisfaction.

Q. Which of your events is the most promising? Please share its details, year on year growth in exhibitors, net area etc.
A. We believe in creating content driven must attend shows at ITEI. Now our focus on quality audience and best services for all shows, where visitors and exhibitors can exchange ideas for the benefit of the industry. Our all shows are growing 15% to 40 % in every edition

Q. Please recount any event which was close to heart but you had to part ways with it?
A. I was also associated with construction and interior events in past , which has great protentional in India but no more in my current portfolio

Q. What are your favourite three exhibitions globally?
A. There are lot of exhibitions in global market which has set up a benchmark for growth. If I have to choose that it would be Breakbulk, Germany , K Plastic and Rubber exhibition in Germany and ITB Berlin

Q. Please share a timeline of your growth / achievement’s year wise
A. As far as I recall , my all shows were successful in terms financially and quality audience. It is difficult to recall and put growth and success in stages of timeline

Q. What are your upcoming plans?
A. We have ambitious growth plans to expand existing portfolio and launching new events that will provide business opportunities for India’s growing industries. We are creating the world’s leading portfolio of content-driven, must-attend events delivering an outstanding experience and ROI for our customers.

Q. How do you view the significance of exhibitions and conventions?
A. Tarde Exhibitions are the only instant and two-way communication channel where industry get opportunity to have Face to face interaction, Technology Transfer, Brand Building amongst Industry & end user , Get new import & export destination and many more

Q. What difference do you observe in exhibitions here and the ones organised abroad
A. The exhibitions in abroad specially in developed countries are delivering good results for the industry with extra ordinary support from respective governments, quality venue, options for travel and accommodation. On the other side Indian exhibition industry is struggling for these basis support systems. We have still not got the event status of Industry for Exhibitions

Q. What in your opinion, can an exhibition organiser do to make his event better? Every exhibitor has some expectation from organizer, as an organizer what expectation do you have with exhibitors?
A. Exhibitions are trusted and tested platform for business expansion globally, now major global exhibition organisers are already operating in Indian market and implementing their global expertise, technology and programs. Few new or unprofessional organisers creates a negative image about ROI through trade exhibition in general. We have started Exhibitor Success Program and educate our exhibitors to plan their participation, utilise support system and follow the guidelines for a fruitful participation.


A quick rapid fire

Q. What is your favourite cuisine?

A. I prefer Indian Food

Q. Your favourite hobby
A. Meeting Friends

Q. Your favourite movie
A. No interest in Movie

Q. Who is your inspiration?
A. All who doubts in my calibre

Q. Whom have you admired most in exhibition industry?
A. Lots of people helped me to reach here

Q. What is your favourite quote?
A. If it is to be , it is up to me

Q. What message would you like to give to the youth who want to be successful in exhibition industry?
A. Make a cycle of Learn and Lead


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