Exhibition Showcase Talks To Gagan Sahni, Director – Business Development, Hyve Group, India


ES. At the outset, please give us a glimpse about yourself as well as your organization.
Gagan. As you are aware ITE Group plc has been rebranded to Hyve Group Plc . The Hyve brand reflects the strength of our ambition, our strategy and our new company values and its introduction marks a big milestone in our continuing evolution.
Along with our new company identity, we recently introduced a set of aspirational values which will become a central part of our culture and ultimately enable us to work as one team, and achieve our ambitious goals together.

I am in exhibition industry for last two decades and have been associated over 40+ brands and 100+ shows. Here in Hyve, our vision is to create the world’s leading portfolio of content-driven, must-attend events.

ES. How has your company grown in the last five years? Also share your major milestones in the Indian markets?
Gagan. Last 5 years have been quite amazing, our shows have got great market noticeability. The team has created unique integrated visitor promotion campaign and go terrific results. Some of our recent shows at Mumbai this September got 56% growth in exhibitors and delivered 76% growth in high quality trade visitors. The other all upcoming events have also achieved a remarkable growth. Hyve Team India is ready to repeat the culture of success with minimum double-digit growth in every show.

ES. Talking about the exhibition sector in India, how do you view it and what do you think are some of the key hurdles surrounding it?
Gagan. The Indian economy, being the fourth largest in the world, does not have the necessary support infrastructure for large exhibitions and thereby utilize economic opportunities. Over 800 trade shows are being organise annually, apart from thousands of small and mid-size shows in the unorganised sector.
Exhibition Venues with high rental is always a growth barrier till date. Now with development of new exhibition Infrastructure has given hope to exhibition organizer. I also have more hopes from government to boost exhibition industry in India with supportive steps like waiver of GST for participation of International companies, fast visa processing and customs clearance of exhibits, etc.

ES. How do you see the future of exhibition industry in India and also the role of tier- II cities in shaping up that future?
Gagan. The Indian exhibition industry has seen a decent growth in last few years. Various new shows have been launched, some existing shows have reached to next level, acquisition of Indian brand for building industry portfolio, etc. The increasing numbers of exhibitors and visitors are also confirming the trust of various industries in the exhibitions. As various industries have already acclaimed the importance of trade exhibitions, where industry gets unique opportunity for Face to face interaction, Technology Transfer, Brand Building, Access to new market, etc. Also the Organizer may explore tier II cities for the regional cloning of their brands.

New Delhi is always a preferred Exhibition destination because of its Global connectivity and MICE infrastructure . Since Exhibition organizers has very limited options in preferred time slots in NCR Region, the re development of Pragati Maidan, IICC at Dwarka and open ground option at Areo City will defenly give a boost to overall exhibition industry in India. Few cities in the world have developed and got a global noticeability on the basis of their exhibition infrastructure, so Delhi can be a Game Changer for Indian Exhibition Industry . The growing Indian economy and potential for exhibition industry has already attracted the global attention.


ES. Comparing India with other prominent South- Asian exhibition hubs like China, Dubai etc. what are some of the key differences as well as similarities you draw between them?
Gagan. I personally feel that Governments Like China, Dubai, Thailand, Indonesia, etc are more supportive than India for exhibition industry. These Governments have special welcoming initiative for organizer to hold their event including Brand Protection, Special Rates & Facilities, Fast Visa Processing, customs clearance of exhibits and more. These governments support exhibitions to support their MICE business in their respective countries. On the other hand, the Government of India is more supportive for the industry with “Make In India” and various other industry friendly policies.

ES. How do you see the role of government in this entire ambit? What steps does the government need to undertake to further boost this sector?
Gagan. Seems Government of India have started their process with funding, support & approval for new exhibition venue across India. The future looks promising, few supportive initiatives by government for exhibitions in India, can really change the dynamics and place India as most preferred business destination in global market. My thoughts process is :

Land bank support in development of new exhibition venues
Single Window Clearance for all approval through venue only
Waiver of GST for participation of International companies in exhibitions in India
Fast Visa Processing and customs clearance of exhibits for international exhibitors & Visitors
Export Support program at site for Indian companies

ES. With a young population demography where 65 % of the population is below 35 years of age, how can exhibitions be a medium to excite and engage the millennials in India?
Gagan. These days the young generation is considering the exhibition industry as a serious career option. Some young entrepreneurs have started new industry specific exhibitions with their innovative ideas.

A Quick Rapid Fire

ES. Your favourite book
Gagan. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People By Stephen Covey

ES. Your 3 favourite holiday destinations in order of preference
Gagan. Dubai, Goa & Dehradun

ES. Your 3 favourite business destinations in same order
Gagan. India, China, UAE

ES. Your inspiration in life
Gagan. Use proven success methods

ES. Your most cherished possession
Gagan. My Passion

ES. Your message to the world
Gagan. If you have the right Attitude, you can really change the whole world!

ES. Your favourite quote
Gagan. If it is to be , it is up to me

ES. Your favourite food
Gagan. Indian

ES. Your favourite hobby
Gagan. Meeting Friends


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