Exclusive Interview with Vicki Bedi Director – P.S. Bedi & Co. Pvt. Ltd


Q. Please take us through your journey?
A. My father started the company in 1975 and every three years, we’ve actually been evolving and getting into new parts of the logistics industry. About fourteen years ago, we got into the exhibition industry as we felt that we had an opportunity before us to explore a relatively untapped market. I believe that we have been fairly successful and we are laying the next standards in the exhibition logistics industry and that’s what our goal is. We are a highly focussed company where quality is of prime importance.

Q. You have seen the Indian Exhibition industry over a period of time now. How has the transition been since the time you started ?
A. Well, there has been a lot of positive change in the industry. Back then, the industry was largely unorganised. Today, the industry has many skilled professionals who know their work well. The market is more informed and the industry is becoming more process driven. India is the mecca of entrepreneurs & we find them in every aspect of our business including the Exhibition industry. I think that over the years, today I see a lot of new people who are probably getting into the Exhibition space, with a clear vision and purpose .

Q. Can you share with us some of the practices that you have been doing to boost up your employee motivation level ?
A. I have four level tier system in the company where I have below me a group of future leaders, followed by the group of emerging leaders and then of course the other budding managers. So I can very confidently say that each of my Vice President is capable of becoming the CEO of the company.

Q. A lot of guys in your team seem to have lost some weight. Is it because of the overwork or something else?
A. (Laughs) Well there is a joke in our industry that the operations people do not last over 55 years of age. With the kind of odd hours at work, and the alcoh`ol culture, I believe that paying attention to general health and fitness is very important. We introduced the hundred kilo weight loss program within the organisation where individually we had to lose weight and reach to the collective mark of a hundred kilos. I am happy to say that we achieved it and all of us are very keen to take up the next challenge now.

Q. You are very passionate about a lot of outdoor stuff. Please tell us about the activities that you indulge in?
A. Well I’m sure that I am not the only one in the industry but yes there are many feats which I have accomplished over the years. I remember that when my father was 93 years old, he used to say that he feels very enthusiastic as he is 63 + 30 only. So he always remained young and this one thing which I want to make sure is that I do not want to die before I actually die. So I want to experience it all, do my stuff my way and live on my terms. Very early in life I got into horse riding and I was really fond of playing polo until I broke my shoulder. I ride a 1350 cc motorbike and I love to drive it fast. I just completed a 1250 km cycling ride to my hometown Derababa Nanak and back, I have done trekking tour to Everest base-camp, bungee jumping, para-gliding and scuba diving. I think that these sports give me a sense of freedom and I get fresh ideas. I feel more in command of situations around me. I stopped drinking long time back when my second son was born and I feel that this has helped me lead a good healthy lifestyle as I get a good sound sleep at night.

Q. What are your favorite trade shows?
A. I have always admired the auto shows because of the glamor quotient. The next ones are defense shows followed by pharma sector shows. I am quite fond of technology.

Q. What is your vision for the future?
A. I do not want us to be the biggest but certainly the best in industry. We have a number of certifications to our name but my concern is towards consistent display of quality on ground. I would also like to contribute towards any initiative for skill development in our industry.


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