CIMGlobal Among Top 50 Companies On Forbes List


New Delhi, India – Out of more than 400 organizations and after surveying more than 35,000 employees, CIMGlobal was selected as one of the top 50 companies with Great People Managers.

Great People Manager Study 2019 was conducted by Great Manager Institute in collaboration with Forbes India.
Great Manager Institute believes Great Businesses are built by people who focus on people. So, the initiative of the Great Manager Institute for Great People Manager in collaboration with Forbes India is focusing on evaluating and creating great managers. People managers are constantly trying to improve their company’s trend with their personal experiences to enhance their performance.

Great Manager Institute conducted a survey within each of the organizations through a simple and easy process and provided with deep insights into the organization’s people manager’s effectiveness. With the organizations like Cinepolis India and Amway India Enterprises Pvt Ltd., CIMGlobal has made its name in top 50 companies with Great People Managers. It is a significant recognition which encourages the development of people management and strengthens employability brand of the organization. What I believe is most important is the development of CIMGlobal employees. It is important for all members of CIMGlobal to be skilled and experienced in handling all situations that may arise during their day to day work.

I have recommended allocating a large section of our budget towards education training for all of our employees helping everyone develop in their chosen field. I hope all management and employee’s take this opportunity to develop their own personal skills with the aim to enhance not only their own ability but that of CIMGlobal as a whole, said Prasant Saha, CEO CIMGlobal.


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