AEFI ECONOMIC OBSERVATORY ON THE TRADE FAIR SECTOR: Q2 2018 registers positive trends for European exhibitors and turnover

TOTAL NUMBER OF EXHIBITORS (April-June 2018 quarterly trend compared to April-June 2017)

Rimini, 4 September 2018 – the 37th quarterly survey of trends in the Italian exhibitions industry, drawn up by the AEFI-Associazione Esposizioni e Fiere Italiane Economic Observatory for the period April to June 2018, is reporting – thanks to the positive and negative results reported by the 27 associates who

participated in the analysis (*)– favourable trends for exhibitors, visitors and occupied surface area. These positive results – while modest in relation to Q1 2018 and the same period last year – can be ascribed above all to foreign participation, especially from the EU. The turnover trend was also positive.

Compared to the same period last year, figures for the number of events are reported to be stable for 59.28% of the exhibition districts participating in the analysis, with a slight downturn in the number of those reporting growth. The absence of changes highlights the stability of the system.

Although the figures are more modest, the number of exhibitors has grown, with a final result of +11%.  In the quarter under consideration, 37.03% of associates participating in the survey reported growth; 37.06% reported stable results and only 25.91% reported a downturn.

When we look at the origin of exhibitors, it is clear that the number of European exhibitors is on the rise, with a final result of+15%, although figures for Italian exhibitors are also very positive, up +11%. Non-EU exhibitors were less dynamic, with a balance of +4%.

(April-June 2018 quarterly trend compared to April-June 2017)

The overall rented space is substantially unchanged for 37.06% of participants, and growing for 33.32%. The positive balance (+4%) is due above all to foreign exhibitors, especially European exhibitors, with growth of +7%.

The data relating to the flow of visitors is unchanged for 38.46% of respondents, with the same percentage (30.77%) experiencing growth and contraction. Data for visitors from non-EU countries are more dynamic than the data relating to the origin of exhibitors.

The trend of turnover was particularly significant: growth for 37.02% of the districts that took part in the survey and a downturn for 18.51%, with an overall positive balance of +19%.

(April-June 2018 quarterly trend compared to April-June 2017)

Expectations for Q3 are positive for the majority of associates participating in the survey, who are forecasting positive results for the number of events, exhibitors and occupied surface area. The uncertainty of the world economic outlook is reflected in less optimistic forecasts for the number of visitors attending events.

METHODOLOGICAL NOTE: The analysis is qualitative, in that it shows the trends in the sector according to the responses from the AEFI members who took part in the survey.The positive and negative balances are not percentages of absolute values, but differences between the percentages of those who responded indicating improved and worsened situations.



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