From Editor’s Desk – Jan 2022


The last two years were incredibly tough for the exhibition industry. Despite the ordeal, there are many men and women in this industry who demonstrated unprecedented resilience and spirited character to lead from the front. There are those who became the torchbearers of positivity and kept the faternity’s hopes alive at large. Then there are those who understood the disruption and adapted & evolved their approach and in process guided others too.

Some displayed extraordinary acts of leadership at most unexpected times. Some, through collaboration and advocacy kept ringing the doors of the policy makers that exhibitions are critical economic enablers. While some went beyond their line of duty to support their teams and bretheren from the fraternity. The Exhibition Excellence Awards, in its 6th edition will be back in 2022 – in physical format, to honor these unsung heroes of exhibition industry, who gave their all to this ght for the survival of our industry.

Powered by Exhibition Showcase Magazine, the Excellences Awards is a pioneering initiative that honors the excellence of exhibition organisers, service providers and venues since 2016.

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