India ITME Hosts Farewell for Shekhar Shridhankar


It is rarely seen nowadays, in any industry for that matter, that a employee who started  his career with  a organisation, ends up retiring from the same company. Such is the case  with  Shekhar Shridhankar who started working with India ITME Society, since  its inception, at the age of 23 !! Starting from the accounts  department Shekhar Shridhankar rose to become the Joint Director. India ITME hosted a special farewell for him on 22nd Sept.2017 at Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, inviting key members from the industry.  He retired from India ITME Society after 37 years of service. Talking to Exhibition Showcase, Shekhar Shridhankar recounted that India ITME has been  like his 2nd  Home ever since he joined. “India ITME is  a Progressive, Dedicated and Highly Respected organization which will continue to prosper while serving the industry”. “I have worked with nine chairmen and four ED’s and working with Seema Srivastava I always got the valuable support  and I would like to say that  she  has excellent strategy, Time management and Man Management skills”, he remarked


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