10th Edition of India Energy Storage Week (IESW) 2024 – International Conference & Expo


India Energy Storage Week (IESW) is a flagship international conference & exhibition organised by India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA), and it is held from 1st to 5th July 2024 in IICC Yashobhoomi, New Delhi. It is India’s premier B2B networking & business event focused on renewable energy, advanced batteries, alternate energy storage solutions, electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, Green Hydrogen, Battery Manufacturing & Supply Chain and micro grids ecosystem. The aim is to get the entire value chain of these sectors at one venue.

The IESW series of exhibitions has created a niche in the energy storage, electric vehicle & hydrogen segment and proved very beneficial by getting the right participation from the government and private industry. The India Energy Storage Week 2023 was joined by many trade visitors, Industry leaders, manufacturers, consultants, policymakers, govt. dignitaries, Top Industry CXOs, senior officials, and others. The IESW platform witnessed participation from 15+ countries, 150+ regulators & policy makers, 200+ partners & exhibitors, 150+ Speakers, 1500+ Delegates, and 10,000+ visitors. IESW was incorporated in 2019, which was earlier Energy Storage India (ESI) in 2013 to promote and adopt energy storage, e-mobility & green hydrogen technologies for a sustainable future. It is India’s premier B2B networking & business event focused on renewable energy, advanced batteries, alternate energy storage solutions, electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, green hydrogen, and microgrids ecosystem.

Major Highlights of the India Energy Storage Week 2024:

  1. 5+ country Pavilion and Delegation (Already received confirmation from Australia, In discussion with USA, Japan, Germany, Canada, and others) with expected Participation from 50+ countries
  2. Exhibition space for 200+ exhibitors including dedicated Pavilions (1st and 2nd July 2024) for
    • EV & Infra EV Infra Expo (Powered by India Electric Mobility Council, IEMC)
    • Manufacturing & Supply Chain Pavilion (powered by India Battery Manufacturing & Supply Chain Council, IBMSCS)
    • Recycling Pavilion  (Powered by India Reuse & Recycling Council, IRRC)
    • Stationary Storage Expo (Powered by Stationary Energy Storage Council, SESI)
    • Green Hydrogen Expo (Powered by India Green Hydrogen Council, IGHC)
    • Start-Up Pavilion (special smaller booths for registered start-ups)
    • Innovation and Research Pavilion (dedicated to research institutes, national labs, and academic institutions)
    • Indigenous Battery Cell Showcase  (will be located at the premium location in the hall to show-case all indigenously developed battery cells for Sr. Government officials & dignitaries to visit

3. Dedicated conference days on

    • India EV Day (1st July) focused on EV manufacturing, EV components, charging infra, battery swapping, government policies, international collaboration
    • India Battery Manufacturing Day (2nd July) focused on Manufacturing, Raw materials, Supply chain, recycling, and Circular economy
    • India Stationary Storage Day (3rd July) focused on Solar+storage, Re-hybrid, storage for grid, FTM & BTM applications including telecom, data centre, C&I sector
    • India Green Hydrogen Day (4th July) focused on GH policy, technologies, Electrolyser and Bos manufacturing, green hydrogen deployment, applications

4. IESA – Industry Excellence Awards & Gala Diner (1st July 2024)

5. IESA Members Networking Night & Gala Dinner (2nd July 2024)

6. Women in Energy Roundtable & Women in Energy Diner (3rd July 2024)

7. 1000+ delegates and 10,000+ global visitors || Buyer seller program

8. Start-Up Day focused on Pitch Sessions, Tech Ignition Sessions, Investment Roundtable, Founders Roundtable, Start-Up Night, Start-Up Pavilion (2nd July)

9. Technical Tours (5th July) (3 Parallel technical tours) || Parallel Workshops from 1st – 4th July 2024

10. I4C-IESA Energy Hackathon (29-30 June 2024) || IESA Career Fair (1st July)

11. Skill Development Roundtable || Future Energy Learning Centre (FELC) – 2nd July 2024

12. CEO Roundtable (1st July) || Country Roundtable (2nd July) || Safety Roundtable (3rd July) || State Roundtable (3rd July) || US India Energy Storage Taskforce (ESTF) Meeting (4th July)