Roger Shashoua, Founder, in the early days of ITE Group (now Hyve Group plc)

Roger Shashoua, the founder of U.K. based ITE Group – now called Hyve Group and run by Roger’s son Mark – has passed away

Hyve Group released the following statement about Roger’s passing:

“Roger was a titan of our industry. The pioneering work he did throughout his lifetime not only helped to shape this business and the wider exhibition industry, but also marked some of the first steps towards a more connected world as the 70s presented a turning point for globalisation.”

“As markets began to open, he spotted an opportunity to create a series of businesses in emerging economies, starting with the Middle East in the 70s. In the 80s he was one of the first to expand into China and then, in the early 90s, he founded ITE Group with his brother Roddy, with a focus on Eastern Europe and Russia.”

“What came next was unprecedented for that time. The years that followed saw ITE grow from a team of three, to more than 850 people in over 10 countries. By 1998, ITE was organising more than 85 exhibitions, all crossing new boundaries and connecting the West with markets which were previously inaccessible. His innovations are still the cornerstone of the industry; he pioneered geo-cloning on a global scale and placed an enormous focus on customer experience – he believed that every event was a ‘show’.

“When ITE transformed into Hyve in 2019, he could not have been prouder. He welcomed the new brand and was delighted to see the company’s pioneering spirit still setting the standard for the industry.”

Mark Shashoua, Roger’s son and now Hyve’s CEO, shared:

“His huge appetite for life built him a reputation as a charismatic whirlwind of energy. His greatest strength was his humanity and he had an extraordinary ability to connect with people from all walks of life. He lived his life completely committed to everything he did and with passion, humility and a good dose of humour. He was one of life’s greatest showmen.

Roger leaves behind a legacy that resonates as much now as it did when he started his career. He was a disruptor by nature and never more inspired than when there was uncertainty around him. He recently commented on how COVID would accelerate all forms of disruption and, whilst he said this, the glint in his eyes shone at the opportunities which await the world. His distinctive characteristics of challenging the status quo, ambition and fearlessness will serve us well as we enter yet another ground-breaking new era for the company.”

Exhibition Showcase reached out to Hyve India team:

“I got associated with Expomedia Events in the golden era of Roger Shashoua.  After my fresh engagement with HYVE INDIA (Formerly known as Expomedia Events), I can still feel his energy and vision driving the company. My tribute to the divine soul.”
Gagan Sahni, Director – BD, Hyve India
“I had the opportunity to work under Roger Shashoua during the founding days Expomedia in India (subsequently acquired by ITE Group plc now known as Hyve Group plc). Roger was a visionary and his passion for exhibitions was infectious which rubbed off on people he interacted with. Roger’s pioneering work in emerging markets was ahead of its time and he was instrumental in setting new standards for our industry.”
Gaurav Sood, General Manager – India, Hyve India
“I first met Roger thirty years ago in London . He had a great love for India and always wanted to do something here. He had such amazing qualities. One which shines out is that he was way ahead of his times. The industry will miss him.” Ravinder Sethi, CMD, RE Rogers India
About Hyve Group
Hyve Group plc formerly ITE Group, is an international organiser of exhibitions and conferences. The Group organises over 130 trade exhibitions and conferences each year in 14 countries and employs over 1,200 staff in 17 offices worldwide. The company’s vision is to provide the world’s leading portfolio of content-driven, must-attend events delivering and outstanding experience and return on investment for its customers. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange. The business was founded by the Shashoua family as “International Trade Exhibitions” (ITE) in 1991 and then launched a series of trade events in the new market economies of Russia and the CIS. It was first listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1998. In 2008 it acquired Primexpo NW LLC, a conference organiser based in St Petersburg and has subsequently acquired further businesses in Moscow (MVK), Krasnodar (Krasnodar LLC), Istanbul (YEMF and Platform Exhibitions), Kyiv (Autoexpo and Beautex), India and Kuala Lumpur (Trade Link).The company rebranded from ITE Group to Hyve Group in September 2019.

In December 2019, Hyve acquired two US-based events: Shoptalk and Groceryshop. The company reported a revenue of £220.7 million in 2019


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Evolved logo later
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Hyve Group today operates from 13 countries across the world.

Some Reminiscences

The opening of MIMS circa 2000

Launched the Moscow International Motor Show (MIMS) in 1992, providing global automotive brands with a chance to explore the early opportunities available in a huge new market. The launch event was a healthy 5,000m2 at the Krasnaya Presnaya Expocentr (now better known as Expocentre). More recently, ITE joined forces with Messe Frankfurt (organisers of Automechanika) to create the JV company ITEMF which now organises MIMS Automechanika.

Kazakhstan President, Nursultan Nazarbayev (right) attending KIOGE in the 1990s

In 1993 launched their first international oil and gas exhibition in Russia (the Moscow International Oil & Gas Exhibition, MIOGE) and Kazakhstan (the Kazakhstan International Oil & Gas Exhibition, KIOGE).