Mexico to be featured as HANNOVER MESSE Partner Country in 2018


At HANNOVER MESSE 2018, Mexico will be honoured as the show’s official Partner Country. A formal agreement for Mexico’s Partner Country participation was signed today at this year’s show by representatives of Deutsche Messe and the Mexican government. Industry 4.0, energy and environmental technologies, vocational training, start-ups and direct foreign investment are among the themes that will feature prominently in Mexico’s 2018 showcase.

Mexico is the first Latin American nation to ever present itself as a Partner Country of HANNOVER MESSE. The agreement giving the official green light for Mexico’s 2018 Partner Country participation was signed by Deutsche Messe’s Managing Board member.

Currently, almost 80 percent of Mexico’s foreign trade is with countries in the North American economic zone. Mexico is currently also seeking to negotiate a new, reformed free trade agreement with the European Union aimed at expanding trans-Atlantic trade and investment. Against this background, the Partner Country participation at HANNOVER MESSE 2018 is an excellent opportunity for Mexico to present its new technologies, investment opportunities, innovative growth strategies and research projects to the shakers and movers of the global industrial scene.

Over the years, Mexico has steadily grown in importance as a market and investment location for companies in many European countries, including Germany. More and more German subcontractors are establishing a presence in Mexico in order to service its growing manufacturing industry. At the same time, the country’s energy market liberalization strategy is opening up exciting opportunities for German investors. Moreover, Mexico is by far the biggest country of destination for German exports to Latin America.

Mexico has a population of 120 million, making it the world’s most populous Spanish-speaking country. It is an OECD member, the world’s 15th-largest economy and generally seen as an advanced emerging market and a developed country. Mexico is the world’s 13th largest exporting nation and its 12th largest importing nation. It is also a major exporter of oil and producer of automobiles. The country is in fact the world’s fourth largest exporter in the automotive sector.

Mexico is Latin America’s second-largest economy, achieving a GDP of USD 1,043 billion in 2016 – an increase of 2.3 percent on 2015. The country’s GDP comes primarily from the services sector, industry and commerce and in 2016 amounted to about USD 8,623 per capita.




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