Exhibition Showcase talks to David DuBois – President, IAEE


ES – What is the role of IAEE in the Global exhibition industry? What has IAEE been able to achieve for the Global exhibition industry since its inception?
David – IAEE is the largest global exhibitions industry association. We have members in 53 countries, representing over 1,300 organizations and supporting over 75,000 employees who work in the global exhibitions industry. Our focus continues to be advocacy in support of industry growth and educational opportunities. Our CEM (Certified In Exhibitions Management) program has over 2,700 certified graduates in 26 countries.

ES – How do your view the relevance of exhibitions in today’s era? How can they become even more relevant?
David – Exhibitions continue to help drive positive economic impact in communities around the world. Our relevancy is that our industry creates and supports jobs, helps governments to expand their growth and successes as well as creating new industries that support citizens globally.

ES – How can the millennials be inspired towards the exhibition industry as a lucrative career option? What do you feel this industry has in store for young professionals?
David – One of our biggest challenges is the ensure the growth of the global workforce that will help us continue to provide excellent and quality experiences during exhibitions and events. More and more colleges and universities are offering exhibitions and events education that will entice more young professionals to consider our industry as their career choice.

ES – What are the major challenges surrounding the global exhibition industry today?
David – Safety and security continues to be a major challenge for our industry as we must enhance our programs that will mitigate future negative incidents at venues that host our shows and events. As I have mentioned, a continued focus must take place on educational opportunities for both students and current professionals.
What are the opportunities or bright spots?
In India, the expansion of quality venues is a very positive trend that will continue to attract more exhibitions and events into your country. The enhancement of the India workforce will also help to improve the reputation of India as a quality and very competitive country in the global marketplace.

ES – What are the upcoming trends that will influence the exhibition industry?
David – Technology enhancements and the focus on attendee “experiences” is a must in order to continue to attract and retain growth in the shows and events that take place in India. Engagement is critical and has to be properly financially funded in order to remain competitive.

ES – How is the year 2018 slated to be for the Global industry
David – Contingent upon regional economies, 2018 should continue to provide positive growth of our industry across India. The Pan Asian region continues to aggressively promote itself and I suggest that our friends in the Indian exhibitions and events industry continue to promote your great country more aggressively in marketplaces like UFI, SISO and IAEE.

ES – Can you share some key characteristics of the exhibitions, that you have witnessed, which are unique to their own region?
David – India certainly present its own characteristics for exhibitions and I suggest that IEIA help to identify those and build plans and programs that would help highlight the positive characteristics that will continue to position India as a major and significant player in the global exhibitions and events industry.

ES – Three things that you love about this exhibition business?
David – We drive successful economic growth around the world. We provide excellent and quality career and job opportunities. We support the growth of creativity and enhanced experiences.

ES – Exhibitions are a busy industry and you keep travelling so often. How do you maintain work life balance?
David – I flew over 150,000 miles last year and I have a very supportive wife and family and friends and IAEE staff who support the global work that I enjoy and support.

ES – Any other feedback you would like to share
David – A BIG THANK YOU to IEIA and Exhibition Showcase for your support of the Indian and global exhibitions and events industry.


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