Appeal To Indian Exhibition Industry

Urgent Appeal To The Fraternity
Dear all,
This is a time of crisis for our industry and we appeal to all the leaders and professionals of our industry to get together to save physical exhibitions. If Metro, railways, airtravel can open with due safety guidelines then so can the exhibitions. We appeal to one and all, who is working in the industry to use twitter as a platform to voice our concerns. It is important that we are in sync with our messages so that our tweets with #ExhibitionsEnableBusiness can start trending and we reach the right eyes & ears.
It is highly critical for the government to understand that exhibitions are separate from general gatherings and they can very well happen with due safety guidelines.
For your reference please find four different messages below. We appeal to everyone in our industry to use these and put up a tweet every half an hour for the next some days. Please ask all your team members to keep constantly tweeting this during the day (From 10 am to 8 pm) to solicit a reply from the policy makers.
@nsitharaman ji Exhibitions are different from mass gatherings. They can be held with due safety guidelines. Germany, China, Korea are doing same. Please let exhibitions happen. #ExhibitionsEnableBusiness @PMOIndia @FinMinIndia @minmsme @NSICLTD @CimGOI @NITIAayog @nitin_gadkari
Exhibitions are the catalyst to India’s economic growth. Germany has already classified exhibitions seperate from mass gatherings. Please let exhibitions happen. #ExhibitionsEnableBusiness @PMOIndia @FinMinIndia @nsitharaman @minmsme @NSICLTD @CimGOI @NITIAayog @nitin_gadkari
Exhibitions are the growth engines for MSMEs. MSMEs need them for their growth as exhibitions enable Make In India. Pls let exhibitions happen. #ExhibitionsEnableBusiness @PMOIndia @FinMinIndia @nsitharaman @minmsme @NSICLTD @CimGOI @NITIAayog @nitin_gadkari
Exhibitions provide millions of job opportunities to skilled, semi-skilled and the unskilled workforce. Please let exhibitions happen. #ExhibitionsEnableBusiness @PMOIndia @FinMinIndia @nsitharaman @minmsme @NSICLTD @CimGOI @NITIAayog @nitin_gadkari