5 Jahre in Indien und schon etabliert: Dr. Roland Fleck, CEO NuernbergMesse Group, Sonia Prashar, Managing Director NuernbergMesse India, Peter Ottmann, CEO NuernbergMesse Group, und Bernhard Steinruecke, Hauptgeschaeftsfuehrer Deutsch-Indische Handelskammer, bei der Pressekonferenz in Mumbai zum fuenfjaehrigen Bestehen der NuernbergMesse India. (v.l.n.r.)

India is one of the world’s most economically attractive growth
markets. NürnbergMesse Group recognized this potential at the right time and bundled its exhibitions and congresses on the Indian sub – continent within its own exhibition company when NürnbergMesse India was officially founded in 2013, as the first
page of the success story of one of the leading exhibition organizers in India. “The international exhibition industry is increasingly focused on the Indian market. We established a foothold here at just the right time; each and every one of our exhibitions in India proves that this was the right step to make”, said Peter Ottmann, CEO of the NürnbergMesse Group. “In the last few years, the NürnbergMesse family has grown remarkably with exhibitions and congresses all over the world. As we do in India, we always focus on offerings that are tailored to local needs. Together with our local partners, we bring people together and build international bridges for business”, said Sonia Prashar, Managing Director of NürnbergMesse India on the occasion of the company’s fifth anniversary.

Setting up and breaking down exhibitions is always a logistical challenge,
whether in Asia, North America or Europe. In this respect, however,
NürnbergMesse India truly works magic. From his numerous trips to Indian
exhibitions, Peter Ottmann remembers very well how an empty exhibition hall
is quickly filled in just a few days with exhibition stands and appropriate
settings put together with tremendous dedication and endless attention to
detail right before the opening. High humidity, unorthodox work procedures
and the constant search for creative solutions are standard operating
conditions in India. As Ottmann’s CEO colleague Dr Roland Fleck pointed
out, organizing exhibitions that meet global standards and offer genuine
value to international customers is an art form. And NürnbergMesse India
has done this so successfully in the last five years that it has since grown to
become one of the biggest exhibition organizers in the Indian sub-continent.
How was so much growth achieved in such a short time? The expertise in
organizing international trade exhibitions such as BIOFACH, EUROGUSS, itsa,
POWTECH and Chillventa in Nuremberg can be seen as the backbone of the success achieved in India. NürnbergMesse transfers this expertise to the Indian exhibition market in just the right way. And so counterparts of the successful event portfolio in Nuremberg can also be found in India. As one of these innovations, the IT security exhibition it-sa India will be held in Mumbai for the first time from 24 to 25 May 2018, POWTECH INDIA will also be held in the financial centre of Mumbai
(11-13 October 2018). BIOFACH INDIA, which will be held in the capital of New Delhi (25-27 October 2018), is India’s biggest trade exhibition for organic foods. And together with the Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE), NürnbergMesse India organizes ACREX India, which is held every year in the alternating locations of New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

In addition to it-sa India, the craft beverages exhibition CRAFT DRINKS
INDIA and the refrigeration and cold-chain technology exhibition REFCOLD
INDIA will be organized under the roof of NürnbergMesse India for the first
time in 2018. Including the woodworking trade exhibitions INDIAWOOD,
DELHIWOOD and MUMBAIWOOD, which were acquired from the former
owner PDA Trade Fair in 2018, the portfolio in India has since grown to
15 exhibitions. As an internationally experienced exhibition organizer, NürnbergMesse knows how to adapt each trade event to the local economy and markets. The company’s focused and tailored exhibition and conference concepts truly meet local needs – also thanks to close cooperation with local partners, as Sonia Prashar pointed out.

Confidence and passion for the business, thanks to the strong team, NürnbergMesse India won the “Corporate Excellence Award” as part of the 2017 Exhibition Excellence Awards organised by Exhibition Showcase. Credit for this award also goes to the team in the now three locations in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore (since April).

“Together with Sonia Prashar as Managing Director and her fantastic team, we are ideally equipped to move our local projects and innovative projects forward and further grow the business of NürnbergMesse India”, said Wolfgang Kranz, the NürnbergMesse executive in charge of international operations, in praise of the local team composed of roughly 40 employees. Success in both directions: Nuremberg in India and India in Nuremberg. NürnbergMesse’s Indian events are booming. NürnbergMesse India
welcomed a total of nearly 68,000 visitors to its ten events in 2017.
The number of exhibitors has likewise grown substantially. Whereas in 2013,
about 300 exhibitors on 5,100 square meters of net exhibition space attracted
somewhat more than 15,000 visitors, by 2017 the number of exhibitors had
grown to nearly 1,500 and the exhibition space to more than 35,700 square
meters. At the same time, more and more Indian companies are stepping up
their presence at exhibitions in Nuremberg. “We had drawn exhibitors and
visitors from India already before 2013. There has been a brisk transfer to
Nuremberg since 2008. In 2017, we welcomed 175 Indian exhibitors and a
record 1,639 trade visitors from this dynamically growing country”, said
Dr Roland Fleck. “Based on our exhibition statistics, we can say that Indian
customers are especially interested in the European Coatings Show,
BIOFACH/VIVANESS and Chillventa”.
Both NürnbergMesse CEOs agree that “2013 was just the right time to
establish a presence in India as an exhibition organizer. We are very grateful
to Sonia Prashar and her team and all our business partners that we have
gotten off to such a successful start in the shortest time. Therefore, 2018 can
also be seen as a starting point, the first page in the second chapter of
NürnbergMesse India’s success story leading up to the 10-year anniversary”.


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