MICE Sustainability Network Initiative Launched To Work On Solutions Jointly & Raise Awareness About Sustainability


MICE Sustainability Network is the answer to the pending need for coming together and reflecting on the issue of sustainability as a critical element in the MICE industry ecosystem. We cannot wait any longer to initiate action towards sustainability in the Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Events, Exhibitions & Business Tourism sector. MICE events of whatever scale, do involve a temporary usage & display of products and solutions, and the entire process does leave an ecological footprint. As the industry responsible for bringing people together, the MICE sector needs to play its part in adopting responsible solutions that do not impact the environment adversely. By adopting sustainable practices, we as industry stakeholders will be able to generate incremental value for ourselves, our industry ecosystem and the global business ecosystem at large. As a matter of fact, organizations that display commitment towards sustainability are being preferred over their competitors. So, it is the right way to go from all aspects!

MICE Sustainability Network is a online community that will bring together global industry professionals to work jointly on solutions. By joining MICE Sustainability Network, you will display your commitment to this critical issue surrounding our industry at a global level. There will be monthly online seminars for the MSN community members where they will be able to learn best practices from industry peers, participate in panel discussions, raise important queries and work towards actionable solutions towards sustainability. By coming together and working jointly, MSN will also work towards developing presentations and case studies that will guide and drive the stakeholders & industry professionals at large. By joining MSN you will get to network with like – minded peers and will also have an opportunity to become MICE Sustainability Ambassadors thereby amplifying the cause of sustainability at the global level.

MICE Sustainability Network (MSN) is an initiative powered by MICE Showcase, Exhibition Showcase & Association Buzz publications & the community initiatives will be amplified through our media outreach. Industry professionals can join for free and avail all the benefits of MSN till 31 December, 2022 – for free. As MSN onboarding has started, you can fill the registration form here: https://forms.gle/ovqs9GwqiFuHbH5v8