Messe München India launches festival of business on its custom-built online trade fair platform


334 exhibitors took stage to display over 2100 solutions and created over 27,726 business connections over the three days online trade fair. A total of 8915 visitors from 96 countries explored a variety of products and solutions on display and attended 26 conferences and 108 technical presentations.

As one of the largest gatherings of industry professionals in the country, Messe Muenchen India’s online platform made a strong impression on the market by hosting 6 different industry clusters and wide range of industry segments such as electronics, laser, pharma, research, packaging, renewable energy, environment solutions, beverage related services under one platform. This wholly owned platform from Messe Muenchen India provides an opportunity for the buyers and sellers to connect digitally using interactive and user-friendly interfaces. Visitors could also attend multiple conference sessions and technical presentations on the platform. Buyers had an opportunity to explore products and solutions not from one exhibition but multiple exhibitions taking place at one space.

Falk Senger- Managing Director, Messe München GmbH endorsed the success of this exclusive platform: “The online platform with its user-friendly interface and international approach allowed for a global engagement of industry buyers and sellers, at the same time it also gave the industry members a chance to connect, interact and transact in these trying times.”

The reality of buyer-seller interactions digitally.

“The uncertainty posed by the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed our outlook towards conducting business. As L&T’s prerogative is digitalisation, AI, and data analytics, we are delighted to be a part of the Messe Muenchen India Online Platform which resonates with our vision on the role of technology in creating the future. It was exciting to have engaged on an online platform and we are surprised by the positive response that we have received from our visitors. Thank you, Messe Muenchen India for this excellent opportunity that helped us connect with the right partners in these pressing times.” expressed Shaji John, Head – Business Development, Domestic and Global Markets, Renewables Business Unit, Power Transmission, and Distribution IC, L&T Construction.

The decision to build instead of renting made all the difference.

The product was built keeping in mind the needs of multiple stakeholders from their business point of view: strong focus on building digital competency to add value to customer requirements within the organisation led the way for exploring the opportunity to design the platform internally instead of outsourcing it. Extensive data research, customer interviews and market assessments opened an opportunity to create a framework to address the gap between the demands and needs in the digital space. Messe Muenchen India decided to make it a complete in-house product for the specific demands of the local market and envisioned it as a borderless expedition for the global market.

On the same note, Ganesh Kumar Murugan, Head-Digital Business briefed, “The platform is a scalable and portable solution built on latest cloud computing frameworks. Our journey started much early by understanding customer feedbacks through customer interviews and translating them to product designs. We are glad that our first minimum viable product was a success, and we are fully aware that the future will demand even more agility and speed from us to be successful in similar initiatives.

With a bright vision for Messe Muenchen India’s digital presence, Mr. Bhupinder Singh, CEO, Messe Muenchen India said, “This is our first tiny footprint in the online world of business which was only possible with the participants’ guidance and support. I thank and congratulate everyone for extending their support to our online initiative. We hope that the success of our first online event will propel collaborations among industry professionals in the future. Moreover, we will continue to leverage our digital presence which will go together with our onsite shows.”