Messe Frankfurt introduces one of a kind product by D’décor – Fabricare


Heimtextil India celebrated the latest trends and innovations in the world of home textiles. While industry leading brand D’décor addressed every surface of the Indian home, through its wide spectrum of world class products in beddings, wallpapers and rugs.Heimtextil is the biggest and most important platform for manufacturers, retailers and designers around the world. With 7 shows in Frankfurt, Tokyo, New York, Moscow, Shanghai and now New Delhi, Heimtextil presents a worldwide coverage of the home and contract textile industry. In addition to providing a platform for business, Heimtextil India is accompanied by high quality seminars and informative lectures on topical themes; Heimtextil India offers a comprehensive approach to Home and Contract Textile professionals. With its wide range of product groups, Heimtextil provides exclusivity, structure and orientation for the Industry.Pioneering innovations and the latest trends form the basis for new collections and changes in demand behavior Another product highlight this year is by D’décor, A one of its kind product that was introduced this year would make stains and ridged marks vanish from your curtains, beddings, rugs etc.

One of the biggest highlight of the event came from the new technology generated by D’Decor, the largest producer of curtain and upholstery fabrics worldwide and a leading home decor brand, who introduced FabriCareTM, a contemporary, high performance range of fabrics finished with a technology that renders it spill and stain resistant. FabriCareTM comes with a special hydrophobic coating that makes most liquids bead up like water on a lotus leaf which can easily roll off. It’sstain release technology makes cleaning extremely effortless. This erases all evidence of any kind of stain in minutes, in just a few simple steps.

FabriCareTM can easily tackle household stains like coffee, tea, ketchup, ink, oil, wine, water, etc.  keeping upholstery clean and fresh as new, for long. Speaking about the launch, Mr. Ajay Arora, Managing Director, D’Decor said “FabriCareTM will revolutionize the way upholstery fabrics are bought and used in India. Every home needs easy clean mechanism for maintenance of their upholstery. With FabriCareTM ensuring to protect it’s fresh looks, it only seems like the most natural and logical step in evolving the product and further accentuating D’Decor’s credo – Live Beautiful.” D’Decor’s brand signature is premium luxury lifestyle with functionality and European aesthetics. FabriCareTM is the next step towards functionality meeting design.

FabriCareTM will be on display for consumers and trade alike at the Heimtextil-India 2018 exhibition, where D’Decor will unveils its best and latest collections in curtains, upholstery, blinds, bedding, wallpaper and rugs at the D’Decor exhibit. This much-awaited event, was scheduled from 27 – 29 June, 2018 at PragatiMaidan in New Delhi and visitors came in huge masses to see these collections live.


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