Mantra to hire and retain committed employee…..


If you have been in business since some time, you will agree that the most difficult part is not the product or sales and marketing, neither finance or anything else, but rather it is the element of HR (Human Resource) which has become the pain point everywhere. It is indeed, the most challenging aspect to acquire, retain and motivate good talent for a considerate period of time. Very often it is found that no sooner you hire an employee, he has his own personal agendas running around and many a times he quits just when the company was starting to reap any benefits out of his presence in the firm! What do you do then? Do you continue to invest time and effort in employee training and grooming, giving him all the necessary guidance!! On the other side I have seen some employers who have managed to have some employees serving them dedicatedly since many years. I am certain that a good team of personnel is the key differentiator which determines the success of a company. What then is the mantra to hire and retain committed people? Is it money, perks, freedom, respect, culture, product type, training, mentorship, periodic growth or something else? Well this is definitely an interesting subject to ponder upon and I invite you all to share your opinions with me at
This issue is special as it takes our steps into the 5th year of publishing and serving the exhibition industry.


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