ITPO objected to the South Delhi Municipal Corporation’s plan to construct its headquarters Near Pragati Maidan


India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO), which is redeveloping Pragati Maidan, has objected to the South Delhi Municipal Corporation’s (SDMC) plan to construct its headquarters, a 33-storey building, on Ring Road near Pragati Maidan citing its possible adverse impact on traffic in the neighbourhood and on its Rs 2,700-crore project.

ITPO says the proposed headquarters is planned near one end of a 1.2km-long tunnel (towards Ring Road) between Purana Qila Road and Ring Road via Pragati Maidan.

ITPO chairman and managing director LC Goyal said, the SDMC project would “jeopardise” the Pragati Maidan redevelopment project. “The tunnel is the lifeline for Pragati Maidan’s new and old complex, as it is connected to the basement parking lots on both sides and with entry/exit points on Ring Road,” said Goyal.

The tunnel is being constructed by the Delhi government’s public works department (PWD) to decongest Mathura Road as part of the Pragati Maidan revamp project. PWD officials say the tunnel work is in an advanced stage and is expected to be completed by September.

Goyal added, “The proposed SDMC building will create traffic conflict zones at the entry/exit points of the tunnel on Ring Road, which will result in a traffic pile-up and a chaotic situation in the tunnel and beyond…This will directly impact and jeopardise the ITPO project and nullify the benefits of the traffic decongestion interventions.” A senior HUA ministry official said the matter related to the SDMC project and proposed land use change is “under process”.



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