Indian DJ Expo, organised in Pragati Maidan from 19th to 21nd July, 2018, brought together DJs under one roof to to source latest products & figure out trending technologies. From Clubs, Wedding, Corporate events DJs to the ones just stepping foot in the industry along with Remix Producers and Mobile DJs, everyone found something exciting at this edition of the Indian DJ Expo.

We hear about investments into new sound and lighting gear into newly commissioned Night Clubs, Resto-Bar, Lounges, Cafes-Bar. Add to that the revamps happening in entertainment spaces all over India, restaurants making space for DJ booths to entertain their customers. The make over was definitely due, but now gaining reasonable speed. Another sector where we see a radical change is the numerous Music Festivals with a line-up of the best DJs both local as well as international. From a few music concerts that would seldom be held, India now boasts of many music festivals being held in every major metro and developing cities providing an opportunity for sound rental companies to add to their existing inventory new gear to cater to the overwhelming demand of stage shows practically every week. Television shows too are bolstering the growth in business for DJ gear, Club & touring sound, entertainment lighting, stage gear, LED & Video Mapping solutions.

Organiser of the show, Manual Dias commented that “DJs are now becoming more professional and are investing in inventory instead of renting them from third parties like it was previously being done.”


  • Participating exhibitor, Ohm-Manchester England believes that the expo is a great means to bring awareness about their products, considering a lack of knowledge is a concern in this industry. The customers that they meet at the expo are later encouraged to visit at their showrooms for further discussions.
  • Another exhibitor Minitones commented that the expo is a great place to network. They come across new clients, both those who have heard of them and those who haven’t.
  • Exhibitors like Show Craft launched new Suko Boxes and Stands and were very satisfied with the response they received which included over 1000 queries over the three days.

The expo received a National response and was organised in 7000 sq. mt. area. There was participation by 70+ exhibitors, as compared to 60 participating companies in 2017. “Demonetisation and GST had adversely affected the expo in the previous year,” said Mr. Dias.

The highlights of this year’s expo were:

  • The launch of an adjacent show INSTALL INDIA alongside the Indian DJ Expo. The next edition will also focus on clubs and dining places that accommodate entertainment through already installed equipment. There is a boom in the Install Market and the organiser plans to cater to this segment in a more focused manner.
  • While last year the exhibition saw 2-3 exhibitors showcasing Make in India products, this year the number increased to 15.

Manual Dias said that “the support that the manufacturers are getting from the policy makers through the Make In India project is definitely contributing to growth of the industry.” He revealed that now lights will also be made in India. With upcoming shows in both Calcutta and Chennai, DJ Expo is a great platform for people from the industry and benefits both DJs and the product companies. The show will also cater to the venues with Installed Systems going forward.


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