IFAT India online—a new digital platform will offer the environmental industry a unique chance to connect with partners, customers and with other industries—despite these challenging times and the cancellation of IFAT India 2020.

The online event will take place from December 9 to 11, 2020 and will be part of a cross-industry platform of Messe Muenchen India, which draws on its extensive Indian trade fair portfolio. “IFAT India online will offer the environmental industry an outstanding opportunity to establish business contacts, to promote technologies and solutions, and to reach out for contacts in other relevant industries,” emphasizes Bhupinder Singh, CEO of Messe Muenchen India. “The event is intended to combine various digital formats as well as the business networks of all Messe Muenchen India trade fairs.” Hence, the organizer expects participants not only from the field of renewable energies and environmental solutions but also from electronics, energy, pharmaceuticals, packaging and beverage—to name a few.

Buyer-Seller Forum, virtual exhibition, conference program
The event’s Buyer-Seller Forum will facilitate direct contact between exhibitors and buyers from domestic and international markets—enabling cross-selling of products and services. For this, exhibitors will get a real-time dashboard view on their engagement with buyers. And the opportunity to virtually meet buyers from all over the world and in all time zones will extend the audience reach. For customers, IFAT India online will offer a streamlined exhibiting experience.

The supporting program featuring webinars and panel discussions will deliver valuable insights into trending topics.

Perspectives in the Indian market
“IFAT India online is an attractive opportunity for our international IFAT community to evaluate perspectives in the Indian market and to drive business there,” says Katharina Schlegel, Director IFAT abroad. IFAT India online is not the first digital offer for the IFAT community in this turbulent year: several webinars, a high-level panel discussion and a three-day business summit preceded the new Indian initiative.