UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, is pleased to announce that the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (Management) Limited (“HML”) is the winner of the UFI Sustainable Development Award 2019. HML is the professional private management and operating company responsible for providing day-to-day management for the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (“HKCEC”).

The UFI Sustainable Development Award 2019 was designed to recognise companies that have implemented an innovative communications approach that has successfully engaged the target audience and led to tangible, provable changes in behaviour or outcomes. The theme of this year’s award was “Best Sustainable Development Communication”. The jury selected the “Think Before Plastic” campaign as the winning entry because of its innovative and comprehensive approach to what is a very pressing topic today, as well as its productive engagement with exhibitors, its reach to different audiences, and its quantified reach and impact metrics. The jury also commended the two other finalists for their strong entries: INFORMA (USA) for its “2018 Greenbuild International Conference & Expo” initiative and UNIMEV (France), for their “Cleo – event performance calculator”.
“Clear communication is crucial in today’s world and the topic of sustainability in the events industry is no exception.

After all, our events are “face to face” and reach many stakeholders. The theme of this year’s award is therefore extremely relevant and we are very happy to have received so many good entries. Out of them all, the HML campaign impressed the jury with its focused approach and solid results,” comments Philippe Echivard, Chair of the UFI Sustainable Development Committee and Chair of the jury for the award. “The fact that the three finalists represent a venue, an organiser and an industry association highlights that all segments of our industry are active and efficient.” “We are truly proud to receive the UFI Sustainable Development Award. It is a strong endorsement of our commitment to environmental protection, and recognition of our effective communication campaign on disposable plastic reduction. Receiving such a prestigious award from the world’s leading industry association encourages us to continue our efforts. I’d like to call upon all stakeholders in the exhibition industry to play an active role and make a greater impact together,” declares Ms Monica Lee-Müller, Managing Director of HML.


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