Good Practice Guide: Addressing COVID-19 Requirements for Re-Opening Business Events Released


Building on UFI’s “Global framework for reopening exhibitions and B2B trade events”, a new Guide has been released that identifies and promotes emerging standards, protocols, and good practices across the globe.

The “Good Practice Guide: Addressing COVID-19 Requirements for Re-Opening Business Events” is jointly produced with UFI, the Global Association of Exhibition Industry, AIPC, the International Association of Convention Centres and ICCA, the International Convention and Congress Association.

This joint AIPC – ICCA – UFI guidance document is an additional valuable resource for the exhibition industry as many countries enter the post-pandemic phase and prepare for the future. The guide combines emerging examples of best practice from our industry, and also good practices from other industries and organisations.

What you can do now?
The Guide and the framework are there to support you as our industry opens up again. Please share and use this guide with your teams, colleagues, and partners.

A Letter from the Presidents:

” The COVID-19 pandemic has stopped our industry in its tracks. Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this, around the world. As societies and economies suffer from the fallout, we have a very important role to play for the recovery. Our industry builds and runs the market places and the meeting places of the world. We connect experts, sectors, and industries. We are the fastest of all fast tracks to drive the much needed economic recoveries around the world. We can do that! Conventions, conferences, exhibitions, and trade shows are not generic “mass gatherings” – they are organised industry gatherings. We have shown time and again already that we can put health & safety measures in place to provide the right environment for people to meet. This guide is here to assist you in doing so again now.

On behalf of our respective associations – AIPC, the International Association of Convention
Centres, ICCA, the International Congress and Convention Association and UFI, the Global
Association of the Exhibition Industry – we are pleased to provide members with this resource. We have worked together, collaboratively, around the world to address the urgent need for guidance around re-opening the industry. These considerations are not just important to helping you and your clients – they are also the key to securing the permissions required to satisfy the regional and national health authorities who will ultimately decide when and how the industry can re-engage. In engaging on this project, we are collectively recognizing a need for clarity and consistency in a time when so many materials are being generated that has become challenging for those trying to chart a way forward. By collectively endorsing the content of this guide we provide
an integrated approach to a common issue – a central depository of solutions, ready to be
used by industry members.”

Aloysius Arlando AIPC President | James Rees ICCA President | Mary Larkin UFI President


The good practice information in this document is divided into six main chapters:

  1.  Framework
  2. Personnel and Personal Safety
  3. Physical Distancing
  4. Health & Safety Measures
  5. Implementing Crowd Control
  6. Encouraging & Enforcing Measures

These six chapters are meant to structure the information provided according to the UFI 5 May 2020 framework – which was produced through and in collaboration with a range of
exhibition, event, congress and convention stakeholders – and cover areas of mainstay operations as comprehensively as possible. Chapter 4, Health & Safety Measures, has a large body of general knowledge as well as material focused in part on five specific areas, namely:
a | Communications
b | Crisis Management
c | Food and Beverage and Banqueting Services
d | Transportation and Logistics
e | Third Party Suppliers

All chapters are further subdivided into sections. To access the complete guide please click here: Good_Practice_Guidance_Reopening_Business_Events