Exhibition Showcase Talks To Mr. Hanif Khatri, Director, Racks & Rollers (storage Technologies & Automation Pvt. Ltd.), An Exhibitor At IWS 2019


ES- At the outset, please give a brief introduction about your organization and its area of work.
Hanif Khatri- Racks & Rollers (Storage technologies & Automation Pvt. Ltd.) is in the field of storage systems. We are manufacturers and we provide a complete solution for the storage systems.

ES- As you deal mainly in the storage sector, how do see the growth of this sector over the years and what are the key challenges you’ve face in your journey?
Hanif Khatri – The storage industry was earlier around Rs. 2500 crores. And from Rs. 2500 crores, it has grown to over 7500 crores in the span of around 8 years. This is a huge growth owing to the growing warehouse requirements.

ES- Your industry acts as backbone for a plethora of other industries. Considering this, how do you the importance of this industry growing I future, especially in India?
Hanif Khatri – Actually, this is in line with the international trend. Earlier, warehouse was a simple concept eg. If you have a shop, you have a godown. Then it changed to warehouse. Now warehouse is becoming a central part of the business. It is not an unnecessary evil, but has emergent as the centre of the business at present.

ES-How do you see India Warehousing Show, 2019 in terms of the opportunity it provides to you?
Hanif Khatri – This is a platform where we are getting many customers, vendors and the partners. It’s a platform for get-together. And we are getting good response.

ES- Do you think that your expectations are getting fulfilled?

Hanif Khatri – I can say ‘yes’. In percentage-wise, around 60-65% which is okay.

ES- This is the 9th edition of India Warehousing Show. For how many editions you have been a part of this?
Hanif Khatri – For last 3 years

ES- In these 3 years, what do you think are the key areas where this exhibition needs to improve in its upcoming editions?
Hanif Khatri – The Exhibition needs to be marketed well. Though we are getting improvements, from one year to another year, but the focus should be on its well marketing. The public should be made aware of this show. If more advertisements or more public-relations development is done, I think it would be better.

ES- Lastly, on a scale of 10, how much you would like to rate 9th India Warehousing Show?
Hanif Khatri – Around 6.5 to 7.


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