Exhibition Showcase talks to Mark Cochrane, Regional Manager – Asia Pacific, UFI


ES – How do you view the Indian industry? What do you personally like about the Indian scenario?
Mark – The Indian exhibition industry is one of the faster-growing exhibition markets in Asia – and there is still plenty of upside potential. In addition, the new venue capacity that is anticipated in the Indian market over the coming years should allow the Indian exhibition market to continue to post growth rates that are well above the regional average. So it is certainly an exciting time to be involved in Indian exhibitions.

ES – Name three things that you love about the exhibition industry.
Mark – 1) Working with interesting people from around the world.
2) The excitement of live events.
3) The opportunity to travel to new and interesting places.

ES – Exhibitions are a busy industry and you travel often. How do you maintain a work-life balance?
Mark – I think the key is to avoid travelling at the weekend – that is family time. And to occasionally add a bit of extra time to work trips in order to explore the cities we are visiting.


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