EEMA Rajasthan Creates History by adding 38 New Members


As the event industry is looks forward to rebuilding itself, the Event and Entertainment Management Association (EEMA), the apex body for events managers in India hosted the first physical event in Jaipur post the second wave of the covid pandemic. Event titled, Rajasthan Rendezvous was organized at The Leela Palace, Jaipur, who was also the official venue partner on the 9th September, 2021.

In accordance to the government guidelines, the event was conceptualized and planned keeping all SOPs in place. It began with the welcome address by Ms. Prerana Saxena, VP, EEMA North. She greeted everyone and gave an insight about the overall agenda of the event. During her introductory note she announced the name of Mr. Amit Dhoka, as the state head for EEMA Rajasthan. Amit then came forward and graciously accepted the opportunity. He shared and highlighted a glimpse of all the efforts undertaken by the state team in the past one year.

He further invited Roshan Abbas, President EEMA, along with Ruchin Kohli, Joint Secretary and Jagmohan Singh, Committee Member 1, EEMA North for the felicitation of covid warriors. The list included, Anant Khandelwal, Concept & Events, Puneet Gupta, Laxmi Weddings, Deep Aggarwal, Royal Wedding Planners, Amitesh Taluka, Taluka Tents & Decorators, Rahul Gaur, Rahul Gaur Endeavour, Shubham Khunteta, S.K. Patakhawala Pvt. Ltd. and Rajeev Gupta of Impressive events. Post this, Mr. Chadrashekhaar Joshi, the GM, The Leela Palace Jaipur, addressed the audience with his kind words and envisaged this event to build more confidence amongst the people to conduct safe physical events.

The stage was then taken over by Mr. Siddhartha Chaturvedi, General Secretary EEMA, who thanked everyone for being a part of the event and showcased EEMA’s journey in the state along with efforts taken towards the national development of the apex body. He then made the special announcement of the event where he welcomed 38 new members joining the EEMA family.

The evening then moved towards its key address by Roshan Abbas, President EEMA. Roshan stated how EEMA has evolved over the years along with the efforts made by the members all over the nation. He also expressed his happiness on these new additions and thanked everyone for their genuine efforts.

Event then finally concluded with a special vote of thanks by Prerana Saxena, VP and Ruchin Kohli, Joint Secretary, EEMA North.

Roshan Abbas, President, EEMA, shared his appreciation to the team and said, “Initial part of 2021 has been majorly affected by the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. The sector had started to witness a push in the beginning of the year but the second wave swept it away. But we’ve not lost hope and now with a stronger approach we look forward to conduct business”. He also added, “I thank the entire north team for planning and executing this event with the best of their abilities and making this event a successful one.” 

Siddhartha Chaturvedi, General Secretary, EEMA said, “9th September, 2021 will be marked as a historic day in EEMA. We are elated to welcome our new 38 members joining the EEMA family. We hope to reach new heights and work closely towards the development of EEMA”. He also added, “Rajasthan has always been a culturally rich destination, also popular for weddings. Though these pandemic times have brought us to a low, we now with utmost zeal, look forward to elevate to new heights. And, with a larger group now we are sure about it.”

Prerana Saxena, VP, EEMA North, said, “EEMA Rajasthan now has double the strength. With the addition of these 38 new members, we look forward to reaching new horizons.” The partners for the event included, included Vision Plus, Uniq Lights, MS Florist and Laxmi Productions as event Partners. Chivas was the official Bar Partner.