Conference on Compressed Biogas in India to highlight industry potential and opportunities


The Conference on Compressed Biogas in India has commenced today at Le-Meridien, New Delhi. Taking place from July 8 to July 9, 2024, this conference aims to bring together policymakers, developers, technology providers, manufacturers, utilities, consultants, financing organizations, and environmental agencies to discuss the burgeoning potential and future prospects of India’s compressed biogas (CBG) sector.

With applications spanning industries such as power and transport, compressed biogas (CBG) derived from various biomass feedstocks holds tremendous potential, which is expected to exceed 60 million metric tonnes. While the biomass sector has historically grappled with issues such as costs, offtake, and logistics, the CBG sector has received significant interest from all key stakeholder groups as the country focuses on reducing energy imports.

On the policy front, there have been enabling interventions like the SATAT scheme, financial incentives, and blending obligations. Developers, both large and small, have announced investments in this space, with many projects already commissioned and a substantial pipeline under implementation. Oil and gas companies have secured large volumes of CBG from such projects. With mature technology, attractive policies, and growing competition, CBG is poised to become a major contributor to India’s renewable energy journey.

The mission of this conference is to highlight the potential, opportunities, challenges, and future prospects in India’s growing CBG space. Key topics of discussion will include:

– The current state and future outlook of the CBG sector in India
– Policy and regulatory frameworks supporting CBG development
– Technological advancements and innovations in CBG production
– Investment opportunities and financial incentives for CBG projects
– Case studies of successful CBG projects and their impact