Chandrika Behl, MD, Exhibitions India Group


The 30th edition of Convergence India and 8th edition of Smart Cities India 2023 will have 1,000 brands and 200 startups on the show floor, networking with 40,000 visitors

ES. As a leading organiser of trade fairs in India, having successfully established some of the most influential exhibitions in the country and overseas, we would like to hear about the incredible journey and many of the key factors that have contributed to building the Exhibition India Group reputation in the industry?

Chandrika Behl. Central to our success, over the decades, is a simple mantra – ensure the success of your customer! We know if we do that, in turn we cement our role and guarantee our own success. Throughout our 30-year journey, we’ve also made sure to showcase India as an emerging market & investment destination, and Indian companies as leading suppliers to the world. It’s this philosophy that’s allowed us to launch and create the leading expos in India and also represent some of the largest and most impactful expos from around the world.

Our flagship expo, Convergence India, in its 30th edition, is more relevant today than ever before. Through the 90s, Convergence India heralded the telecom revolution in the country, and today it remains key to the digital revolution that’s central to India’s growth and place in the world. Equally, the Smart Cities India expo is a reflection of India’s emerging modernization and development landscape. In co-locating these two expos, we’ve created India’s largest infrastructure and technology expo, and a platform that is key to building an India that is forward-looking, future-ready and sustainable. We’re also very proud that the Smart Cities Mission (Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, Government of India) is a co-organiser for the 2023 expo, scheduled for 27-29 March 2023 in New Delhi.

ES. Tell us more about your shows and how it provides a one-stop solution for clients of all sizes?

Chandrika Behl. Convergence India and Smart Cities India are platforms that do much more than just provide technology showcases. The expo is a platform that is relevant today because it creates an evolving eco-system that demonstrates just how these innovations and solution fit into a fast changing world and a rapidly developing nation. This is what enables us to build on our legacy of fostering growth and accelerating nation building. We also create a platform that enables meaningful engagement with the leading voices in industry and government. The 2022 expo witnessed over 860 participants from 30 countries, 30,000 visitors and 150 speakers over 50 conference sessions. The 30thedition of Convergence India and 8th edition of Smart Cities India 2023 will have 1,000 brands and 200 startups on the show floor, networking with 40,000 visitors. Focused conference sessions, a City Leaders Conclave, Smart Cities and Fintech Innovation Awards, Startup Pitching competitions, mentorship sessions and workshops, all ensure a free flow of ideas and make the expo a hub for innovation and opportunity.

ES. Is there anything you can forecast when it comes to the trends shaping the world of the Exhibitions Industry. As a member of UFI – The Global Association of Exhibitions Industry – what are your comments for the upcoming UFI Global Congress?

Chandrika Behl. This is an exciting time in the exhibitions industry. The pandemic is behind us, and, more importantly, the uncertainty regarding the future of the industry is behind us. The technologies that have been developed over the years enable us to enhance the user experience at our in-person physical events, and the enthusiasm and energy that we see on the show floor today – post the pandemic – is unlike anything we’ve seen in a long time, and this bodes very well for the years ahead. I’m certain the UFI Global Congress this year will reflect this sense of optimism and opportunity. I would love to attend the Congress in person, however, I may not be able to due to another engagement on those very dates, but I would like to wish everyone at the Congress a very productive few days and years of growth and positivity as we emerge stronger in a post-pandemic world.