11th Agrovision Summit inaugurated by Nitin Gadkari in Nagpur


11thAgrovion summit was iniuagurated by Nitin Gadkari, Minister for Road Transport & Highways; MSME at Reshimbag in Nagpur on 22nd November 19. Lakhs of farmers from Vidarbha and adjoining states visited the summit. Since AgroVision Summit offers a great opportunity to connect with lakhs of farmers from the districts of Vidarbha and Marathwada in Maharashtra and adjoining districts of MP, Chhattisgarh, AP and even some from far away states like Haryana, UP, Bihar etc.

Agrovision to boost farming sector

Eight Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) institutes have engaged in developing agro products and farming equipment participated in Agrovision 2019 exhibition organized at Nagpur, Maharashtra from 22-25 November 2019. The institutes displayed their products for the benefits of farmers and guided them on how they can increase their productivity with minimum cost of production. The event was coordinated by CSIR- National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), Nagpur.


About Agrovision:

Agrovision was conceived in the year 2007 to create a common platform for the farmers, industry, and government and bring together every important entity in agriculture to create a better future for the farmers. The vision of Agrovision is to create a more knowledgeable, practical and a smart famer. Agrovision is one such genuine initiative, which is providing an integrative framework and a platform to bring all the stakeholders consisting of farmers, Government, NGOs, Scientists, Industry under single umbrella to deliberate and debate at different levels for all around growth of agriculture. Agrovision’s basic objective has always been to Educate, Encourage and Empower the farmers through its major activities i.e. Free Workshops for farmers, International Exhibition, Expert Panel Discussions, Conference etc.Agrovision has completed 10 years of its march and brought about a profound impact on farm economy of Central India.

Highlights of Agrovision:

  • Visited by lakhs of farmers from Vidarbha and adjoining states
  • Showcase of best of innovations, technologies, new products and services
  • Free interactive workshops for farmers
  • Conference on current issues in agriculture or allied agri. sectors
  • Huge exhibition with participation of over 400 organizations

New Initiatives in 11th Agrovision

IT in Agriculture – Agriculture industry in India is gradually changing its face from traditional farming to Soil -free farming which is based on AI technology. Experts from allied industry like hydroponics, Aquaponics guided and shared their views on upcoming trends in farming in Agrovision.  Agrospectrum highlights the current trends in technology based farming and updates on farming industry market.

Start-Ups in Agriculture – According to recent report of NASCOM, more than 450 agro-start-ups are coming up in India which shows the substantial growth in agricultural produce supply chain and processing industry in India. Experts from food processing industry guided the farmers for setting up processing unit in tribal area.  Nitin Gadkari, MSME minister stressed on biofuel generated from bamboo oil. Government have decided to make Maharashtra state diesel free. Government have initiated bio-diesel project in 6 districts- Chandrapur, Nagpur, Gadchiroli, Wardha, Gondiya and Bhandara.  Agrospectrum being B2B web portal reports upcoming news from agro-start up industry.

International Pavilion – NitnGadkari, MSME minister stated that, “Innovations and skill development in the MSME industry are being carried with the collaboration of the German government to make Indian products more competitive in the international market”. He emphasised that the international companies should look at India for setting up their manufacturing base as it will reduce their manufacturing cost by 25-40 percent while ensuring quality. Agrospectrum updates current news related to international companies involved in agriculture related business like fertilizes, seeds, farming equipment.

MSME Pavilion – The government is in the process of launching ‘digital data-based credit ratings’ of the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to help entrepreneurs get bank loans on the basis of these credit ratings, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said while speaking at a conference on ‘Opportunities for MSME in Agriculture & Food processing’ at Agrovision. The MSME sector has contributed 49 percent of India’s total exports. Agrospectrum updates on latest policy and decisions by MSME which includes agricultural food processing and other agriculture allied industries.


AgroSpectrum debuts at the 11th AgroVision Summit – Nitin Gadkari, Minister for Road Transport & Highways; MSME, Government of India, launched AgroSpectrum, a new venture by MM Activ Sci Tech Communications Pvt Ltd, at the 11th AgroVision Summit on 22nd November 2019 at Reshimbag Ground of Nagpur, Maharashtra. MM Activ, which has been successfully running BioSpectrum India, BioSpectrum Asia and NuFFooDS Spectrum for the past few years, has introduced another B2B media platform AgroSpectrum.  This new media platform is catering to all sub-sectors and verticals of the agro business – from food grains to inputs, machinery, live-stock, fisheries to agro tourism.  It regularly updates latest news on Agri—business and analytical & informative articles targeted at agro industry and business leadership, key decision makers; Research & Development, policy makers, academia and farmers’ community leaders.

The theme of the inaugural issue is ‘Doubling Farmers’ income: Agri-business indicators for success’. The inaugural edition provides informative articles on Agri business, latest reports, case studies, new emerging trends and in-depth analysis on key issues of national and international importance in agriculture and high-end farming industry.


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